Google honors Phoebe Snetsinger

Phoebe Snetsinger doodle

Phoebe Snetsinger doodle

Have you ever heard before about Phoebe Snetsinger? Me not. But Google honors her today with a relally nice Google on the homepage. So now Millions of people know her. She war an american birder. That is a „bird watcher“. Phoebe has seen more than 8000 birds – at the time more than anyone else in history. She died on Novemebr 23, 1999. She was born on June 9, 1931. Today it’s her 85th birthday.

Here a picture of the doodle:

Phoebe Snetsinger Google doodle

Phoebe Snetsinger Google doodle

But it is an animated doodle. So here a video that shows the animated doodle including music.


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