Google images ranking factors (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

Some days ago I published an infografic about the Google ranking factors for the „Websearch“. This time I did this for the Google image-search. What are the important ranking factors? The infographic shows the main signals. So if you want to optimize your website-images: print it out for free and think about it – just while you create new images. It could help a lot. Please feel free to share or Print (click on the image for larger version for printing).

Infographic: Google Images Ranking Factors (2012)

Infographic: Google Images Ranking Factors (2012)

Some notes

This infografic based on my article „Optimizing images for Google-imageSearch – image SEO basics

  • What I observe the image filename lost a little bit of importance.
  • On the other hand the „Alt-Text“ gets more heavyness.
  • A lot of changes in the Google image-search bease on the new factor freshness. If you search for example the actual Google-Doodles you could see some brand new images.
  • Google told us that „the quality of the embedding page“ will be more important. But it is unclear how Google will check this. Perhaps at this point the websearch-algorithim and the images-search-algorithim overlap. Source (point 1)
  • I am not sure of the impact of hotlinks. Google said some times ago: „… we decided to retire a signal in Image Search related to images that had references from multiple documents on the web.“ In my eyes it sounds like hotlinks lost their influence. But I didn’t observe great changes. Perhaps I am wrong… Source (point 6)
  • Social Networks just have a little and will have a deep impact on Google images. Not directly but because of sharing images. Multiple use of an image is one of the most important ranking-factor.

Hope this helps you to rank better with your images. Feel free to share :-)

Here the german version.

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  1. homedesignsweb

    Is it appropriate if I takeimages from Google image search result, and I use ‚via‘ with the link to the website I found the images?

    • Missfeldt

      No, that is illegal. You have to ask the author if he didn’t makes a notice how to use the image.
      But, in my case (but that’s only for my images) I would say it is ok, if you mention me as the author and set a link to my homepage. But that’s just my personal point of view. In terms of legaly you have to ask every time.

      Perhaps this may help:

  2. lq1356716

    Thank you share it. Now I know why my images in blog rank so good. I’m happy. :)

  3. Woolrich parka

    Thank you very much. I’ll try it

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