London 2012 Hurdles – Amazing Doodle-Game

London 2012: Hurdles (Game)

London 2012: Hurdles (Game)

[New: London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Video] … London 2012 Hurdles: Today Google shows an amazing interactive olympic doodle. It is a „running-game“. Use the arrow-keys: left and right for running, Up for jumping. My time: 12.7 sec. Tip: use both hands – one for running, the faster the better. And the other hand for jumping. You have to click it when the Hurdler runner is about 2 meter before the hurdle. Try it out. Good luck.

Here the video that shwos todays doodle:

More about London 2012 Hurdles :

This is my actual record: 10.0 Sec. – Doodlerecord ;-)

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  1. Navneet Singh

    how you did in 10 sec ???

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