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Nettie Stevens 155 birthday (Google doodle)

Nettie Stevens Google Doodle

Nettie Stevens Google Doodle

Google honors Nettie Maria Stevens. She was an early American geneticist. She and Edmund Beecher Wilson were the first researchers to describe the chromosomal basis of sex. It’s Nettie Stevens 155 birthday. The doodle designer shows her in front of a microscope. She looks at a „XY-chromosome. Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 6. Juli 2016

Google honors Phoebe Snetsinger

Phoebe Snetsinger doodle

Phoebe Snetsinger doodle

Have you ever heard before about Phoebe Snetsinger? Me not. But Google honors her today with a relally nice Google on the homepage. So now Millions of people know her. She war an american birder. That is a „bird watcher“. Phoebe has seen more than 8000 birds – at the time more than anyone else in history. She died on Novemebr 23, 1999. She was born on June 9, 1931. Today it’s her 85th birthday. Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 8. Juni 2016

Google celebrates the First modern Olympic Games

First modern Olympic Games Doodle

First modern Olympic Games Doodle

Google celebrates the 120th anniversary of the first modern olympic games. On April 6, 1896, the Olympic Games, a long-lost tradition of ancient Greece, are reborn in Athens 1,500 years after being banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I. At the opening of the Athens Games, King Georgios I of Greece and a crowd of 60,000 spectators welcomed athletes from 13 nations to the international competition. Doodle designer Olivia Huynh created 4 drawings in an old fashion drawing style. Nice. Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 5. April 2016

First Day of Spring 2016 Google doodle

First Day of Spring 2016

First Day of Spring 2016

Google celebrates the spring equinox – the first day of spring – with a nice doodle on the homepage. As every jear Google uses this date (march 20th or 21st) to remind the users that summer is coming soon. But of course not from day to day. So the doodle-animation shows a stone that is ill. It sneezes the flowers from the tree. But – of course – spring will come … Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 19. März 2016

The boolean logic behind the George Boole Doodle

George Boole 200. Geburtstag

George Boole 200. birthday

Google honors the English mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician George Boole with an animated doodle on the homepage. It seems to be difficult to understand, but after reading this article you will agree: it’s quite simple. George Boole was born on November 2nd, 1815 – 200 years ago. So here is what the doodle shows: Read on »

Google Doodle Ein Kommentar 1. November 2015

Googles RankBrain = Phantom-Update (?!)

Googles RankBrain

Googles RankBrain

Yesterday Danny Sullivan postet a really nice artice about Googles RankBrain – a new self-lerning algorithm that helps Google to understand the users search-intention. It based on a Bloomberg story where Google Senior Research Scientist Greg Corrado told about RankBrain. There seems to be a focus on new search-phrase – but when I read it it reminds me on the phantom update. In May 2015 Google launches an algorithm-update that causes some trouble in the serps.  Read on »

SEO-stuff 2 Comments 29. Oktober 2015

Simple explanation of Google Phantom Update: „user intention update“

Phantom Update explanation

Phantom Update explanation

Usually I only write my articles in German because my English is bad. But anyway – this is not a piece of literature but a small piece of the seo-puzzle „Google Phantom Update (2)“. In short: From my point of view the mysterious Phantom-Update is an „user intention update„. That means: no decreasing site has failed. All these sites are as well as before. They might be better than the first results, but …  Google has changed that part of the algorithm that decides about the user intention. It’s not an update of the site-specif ranking factors – it’s about the quality of the Search engine result page itself. Read on »

SEO-stuff 2 Comments 11. Juni 2015

Google celebrates 126th anniversary of opening Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Doodle

Eiffel Tower Doodle

When did the eiffel tower open to the public?“ 126 years ago, on March 31th 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was opened to the public. It was most tallest building in the world. Build with steal, designd by french Gustave Eiffel und build by his company, it is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world – it received its 250 millionth visitor in 2010. Amazing! Read on »

Google Doodle Ein Kommentar 30. März 2015

Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

My infographic about the ranking factors for Google images search (2012) is old so I made a new one. This time I tried to make it more simple that those who have no idea about optimizing images for Google could also get an impression. What is really important, and what is only a „marginal factor“? The main question behind the infographic is: How could my image get a good ranking in Google Image Search? Read on »

Optimizing images 5 Comments 15. April 2014

Google image search history (infographic)

Infografik: History of Google Image Search

Infografik: History of Google Image Search

The Google Image Search is the largest collection of images ever. And it is free and public. Google has changed the world, even if most people didn’t noticed it anymore. Does anyone remember the time before that? If you searched for a picture you needed books or other printed material. You have to buy it or work in libraries. „Search for similar images“ in the library’s database was a dream. The following infographic shows the chronology of the Google image search. It is only 12 years old.

Read on »

Google imageSearch 8 Comments 6. November 2013

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