Amazing Doodle for Winsor McCay: Little Nemo in Googleland

Winsor McCay Doodle

Winsor McCay Doodle

Google honors Winsor McCay. he was an american cartoonist and animator. McCay was best known for the comic strip Little Nemo. It was a series of weekly comic strips (1905 – 1914). The Doodle shows „Little Nemo in Google-Land“ – not „in Slumberland“ as in the original series. It is an interactive Doodle. After each strip the user has to click to fall into the next scenery.

Here the first part of the Little Nemo Doodle. It shows Nemo in each panel – if you click the boy disappears from the right panel:

Winsor McCay Doodle (1): Little Nemo in Googleland

Winsor McCay Doodle (1): Little Nemo in Googleland

In the second part Nemo falls through the panels – untill he splashes into the sea and … awakes.

Winsor McCay Doodle (2): Little Nemo in Googleland

Winsor McCay Doodle (2): Little Nemo in Googleland

Very nice doodle – a kind of animated comic strip.

Winsor McCay

Winsor McCay

His strips Little Nemo and Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, published under the pseudonym „Silas“,were both set in the dreams of their characters and featured fantasy art that attempted to capture the look and feel of dreams. McCay’s cartoons were never overwhelmingly popular, but always had a strong following because of his expressive graphic style. Newspaper pages were physically much larger in that time and McCay usually had a half a page to work with. For fantasy art in comics, his only rival was Lyonel Feininger, who went on to have a career in the fine arts after his comics days were over. Source: Wikipedia.

Winsor McCay as trickfilm-pioneer

McCay also created a number of animated short films, in which every single frame of each cartoon (with each film requiring thousands of frames) was hand-drawn by McCay and occasionally his assistants. McCay went on vaudeville tours with his films. He presented lectures and did drawings; then he interacted with his animated films, performing such tricks as holding his hand out to „pet“ his animated creations.

Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)

Winsor McCay died in 1934 aged 62. Happy Birthday Mr McCay.


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