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Amazing Stanislaw Lem Google Doodle

Stanislaw Lem Doodle

Stanislaw Lem Doodle

60 years ago one of the first books of Stanislaw Lem was published: „the Arstonauts“. Google honors the Polish godfather of science fiction and future philosophy with an amazing Doodle. It is an intactive animation. You have to solve some problems before you get the solution keys. With these keys a „Universal Machine“ could be created. It gives you all you want. But in the end someone wishes „nothing“. And consequently the mechine deletes itself and everything else. The result is noting – on the Google homepage.

An amazing philosophical doodle. Here a video that shows what I mean:

The original Doodle on the Google homepage has no sounds. But in my eyes and ears this works. Music: „Moble race“ by Kevin MacLeod – Please donate for him if you like his music.

What does the Lem-doodle mean?

I think Google want to tell us that sometimes it will disappear – and nothing will be left. Huhu, I am not sure. What do you think?

About Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem

„Stanislaw Lem’s works explore philosophical themes; speculation on technology, the nature of intelligence, the impossibility of mutual communication and understanding, despair about human limitations and humankind’s place in the universe. They are sometimes presented as fiction, but others are in the form of essays or philosophical books. Translations of his works are difficult due to passages with elaborate word formation, alien or robotic poetry, and puns. “ Source: Wikipedia

I am not sure if the „Lem-Doodle will be shown in US. It apperas all over Europe but not in Australia or Japan. We will see…


Lem-Doodle - Universal Google Machine

Lem-Doodle - Universal Google Machine

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2 Comments zu "Amazing Stanislaw Lem Google Doodle"

  1. Diego

    The doodle is about the book „The Cyberiad“, by Lem, and the two constructors depicted in it: Trurl and Klapaucius.
    It is about some of the aventures they live in it.
    I have read that book one dozen times!

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