Bacterial doodle for Julius Richard Petri

Julius Richard Petri Google Doodle

Julius Richard Petri Google Doodle

Google honors the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri with an amazing doodle. It is a „real doodle“, that means, it shows a real process as a timelapse video. Julius Richard Petri has become famous mainly for his invention of the Petri dish. That are small vitreous dishes made of glas. The Doodle shows six bacterial cultures growing in the form of the Google letters. Funny idea for an extraordinary logo-animation …

First of all the interactive doodle in action, documented as a youtube video:

Julius Richard Petri Google Doodle (Youtube)

Julius Richard Petri biography

Julius Richard Petri

Julius Richard Petri

Julius Richard Petri was born exactly 161 years ago, on 31 May 1852 in Barmen, a small city in western Germany. From 1871 – 1875 he studied it Berlin at the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy of Medicine. He then worked as a physician at the Charité, a big medical center, in Berlin. In 1876 he received his doctorate. From 1877 to 1879 he worked at the Imperial Health Office as an assistant to Robert Koch. Koch is one of the most famous microbiologist at all, In those years Koch discovered the tuberculosis bacteria. He could cultivate the causative agent of anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) outside of the organism and describe its life cycle. A groundbreaking breakthrough in medicine. Koch received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905.

Petri-Doodle before starting

Petri-Doodle before starting

The Petri Dish

In 1877, during his collaboration with Robert Koch, he invented the petri dish named after him. It is suitable to grow autonomously and to examine cell cultures during growth. Petri has created the technical equipment, that Koch and many other biologists allows to the microbiological world.

In 1886, Petri bacame curator at the Museum of Hygiene in Berlin, from 1889 a full member of the Governing Council and the Imperial Health Office, from which he retired in 1900 with the title Privy Councillor. According to „WhonameEdit“ Peter was in his later days, a rather vain, overweight man, the sash around his protruding belly reminded observers on the equator of the globe :-) source. Julius Richard Petri died on 20 December 1921 in Zeitz (Saxony-Anhalt).

Real bacterial cultures grown in Petri-Doodle (Google letters cultures)

Real bacterial cultures grown in Petri-Doodle (Google letters cultures)

Petri has published the following writings:

  • Das Mikroskop. Von seinen Anfängen bis zur jetzigen Vervollkommnung. 1896. („The microscope. From its beginnings to the present perfection.“)
  • Versuche zur Chemie des Eiweissharns. 1876. („Attempts of the chemistry of Eiweissharns„)
  • Apparat zur Bestimmung des Wassergehalts in der Milch durch Destillation im Vacuum. („Apparatus for determination of water content in milk by distillation in a vacuum„)
  • Über die Methoden der modernen Bakterienforschung (in: Sammlung gemeinverständlicher wissenschaftlicher Vorträge). 1887. („Methods of modern bacteria research (in: Collection exoteric scientific lectures)„)
  • Die Gefährlichkeit der Carbon-Natron-Oefen. 1889. („The danger of carbon soda furnaces„)
  • Gewerbehygiene. 1890. („Industrial hygiene„)
  • Versuche über die Verbreitung ansteckender Krankheiten, insbesondere der Tuberkulose, durch den Eisenbahnverkehr und über die dagegen zu ergreifenden Massnahmen. 1893. („Experiments on the spread of contagious diseases, especially tuberculosis, by the railway and on the other hand, measures to be taken.“)
  • Zur Beurtheilung der Hochdruck-Pasteurisir-Apparate. 1897. („To the judgment of the high-pressure apparatus Pasteurisir.“)
  • Zum Nachweis in Butter und Milch. 1897. („For detection in butter and milk„)

Very funny is what appears when you roll on the individual shells. Then we see which bacteria has this culture can arise (Photoshop montage):

Where are the bacteria from in the Petri Doodle?

Where are the bacteria from in the Petri Doodle?

From left to right:

  1. smelly sock
  2. door lock
  3. keyboard
  4. dogs tongue
  5. wet flower (?)
  6. dish washing-up

Original selection :-)

Because doodles are similar to stamps, I always look to see if there exists a corresponding stamp. Unfortunately there is no stamp for Julius Richard Petri . But at least Noble-prize-winner Robert Koch has been honored by the German post office:

Robert Koch stamp (West Germany 1982)

Robert Koch stamp (West Germany 1982)


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  1. Wagh Ranjit

    Please note that the image shown here is of Robert Koch and not of Julius Richard Petri.

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