Lights on! Thomas Edison doodle-animation

Thomas Edison Doodle

Thomas Edison Doodle

[Actual: „Google honors Louis Daguerre with nice doodle„] … „Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.“ To perspire means sweating, and the man who said this was Thomas Edison. Today the large, sweaty american inventor would have turned 164 years old. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847. In that time there was no electricity, no telephone, no recordings or other products, it was a completely different way of life. Thomas Edison patented 2,000 inventions. Many of them are related with consumer products that make life easier. He has electrified New York and co-founded a company, that grows to a global corporation: General Electric. Read on »

Google Doodle 2 Comments 11. Februar 2011

Inofficial Google Doodles (never shown!)

Inoffical Doodles

Inoffical Doodles

I love Google’s doodles – mostly. But sometimes I ask myself: why did he or she paints it this way? I could image other versions. Unfortunately Google is allways political correct. Of course they are. But what if not? Wouldn’t it be funny? As an artist I feel free to paint the „bad doodles“ – those that Google would never show. The following doodles are not official, they are not painted by the (great) doodlers, I painted these doodles. Hope Google won’t kill me ;-) Read on »

Google Doodle 3 Comments 31. Januar 2011

Google honors Paul Cézanne with art-doodle

Paul Cézanne art doodle

Paul Cézanne art doodle

Today is the 172nd birthday of Paul Cézanne. Google honors the famous french painter with a really nice artistic doodle. I am an ardent admirer of Cézanne and his paintings. Paul Cézanne has liberated the painting – his paintings. By doing so he was an example for other artists. Not without reason the art-history called him a „father of modern painting“. Cézanne found the basemanet of painting. The picture was no longer a rational medium for storytelling, but a quality in itself. The painting became the subject. Read on »

Google Doodle 3 Comments 19. Januar 2011

Invisible Martin Luther King, Jr. Google doodle



[Actual: „Google honors Robert Bunsen with bubbling burner-doodle] When I started this blog two weeks ago I planed to write about international Google-Doodles. Usually I can see them when I open the international Today I  read via twitter that there should be a doodle. But unfortunately I don’t see it. Is it an invisible doodle? This is for sure: it’s a tribute to Martin Luther King. But – and this is also strange – Martin Luther Kings birthday was on January 15th. … ? Why shows Google the doodle today, and not two days ago?  And why is it invisible? Read on »

Google Doodle 2 Comments 17. Januar 2011

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