Googles new X-Ray-app for Google Glass

Google Glass x-Ray bodyscanner-app

Google Glass x-Ray bodyscanner-app

Google is working on a „special app“ for the new Google Glass (project Glass): a body scanner („x-ray app„). That should be possible, the people, seen through the glasses, take virtually with semi-transparent clothes to something more closely. The principle is simple. Google can now detect and identify faces. It’s the same course with clothes. Software analyzes the garments and filter them out virtually. What remains of the person, as God created it.
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Google Glasses in art (Mona Lisa, van Gogh etc)

Google Glasses in art

Google Glasses in art

There are many Google Glass parodies out there, but have you ever seen Mona Lisa with Google Glass? Leonardo hasn’t invented the glasses, but if he would live these days he would be certainly earlier with the glass than Google. Art itself is a kind of augmented reality. Here are some pictures of famous art masterpieces – with photoshoped glasses. Hope you enjoy :-) Read on »

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How Google Glass works (infographic)

Google Glass infographic

Google Glass infographic

I made an infographic on about „how Google Glass works“. As an artist I’m interested in visual perception, visual eyetests and glasses. So I checked out the patent (No. 212686, Aug. 2011) for Google’s Glass and made an infographic that explaines in an easy to understand way how it works. In conclusion it’s not a usual glass but more a kind of a projector that projects an visual layer over reality (augmented reality)  – directly on the retina. The main element is the semi-transparent prism. Of course Google Glass is an technically masterpiece because it combines a lot of stuff (camera, phone, CPU incl. GPS) in a very small enviroment. Here the infographic: Read on »

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