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How fresh is the current toolbar pageRank?

Larry PageRank Image

Larry PageRank Image

The Google pageRank Update January 2011 has passed. Ok, pageRank isn’t important for seo. But for „normal“ users it is an intersting visual signal. Usually people think that the pageRank shows how „serious“ a page is. When Google start ten years before this was true. But times goes by – today it is easy to manipulate the pageRank, e.g. by buying links. Therefore today the pagerank doesn’t says a lot about the reputation of a site. Because of this Google minimalized the impact of pageRank as ranking-factor. The pageRank is for the calculation of ranking in the Google result-pages unimportant. … What I want to say: if the pagerank is a value that many people use, the question is: how fresh is it? Read on »

Google pageRank 3 Comments 21. Januar 2011

It’s still struggling: Google pageRank update Jan. 2011

Uuuh - pageRank update

Uuuh - pageRank update

Surprise surprise, it’s still struggling. Seems that Google rolled out a toolbar pageRank Update. Seotainment pure… As Barry wrotes there is a lot of trouble in some forums. I can not see anything on my sites – but they are hosted in germany. Mayby it took again some weeks until Google remembers us ;-) I thought the Google pageRank is dead. But no, Google takes the green bar out of the mothballs and revives the dinosaur among the ranking-factors. But why? Does it make any sense? Read on »

Google pageRank 15 Comments 20. Januar 2011

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