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New Bing image-search starts in Germany

Bing images Germany

Bing images Germany

Just a short news: today Bing launches it’s new image-search also in Germany. The english version is online since mid of december (see: „Bing image-search relaunch – Dec 2010„). Ok, it’s not the full truth: Bing changes the new image search last friday – but today they made it publik via twitter. But anyway: As I said before, in terms of usability the new Bing image-search is quit nice. It could be a little bit faster – and (in Germany) the results could be better. From my point of view Google has indexed much more images. So they have the better choice to find the best results. Read on »

Bing imageSearch Comments off 10. Januar 2011

Bing image-search relaunch (Dec 2010)

Bing imageSearch

Bing imageSearch

Three weeks ago Bing has relauncht its search-engine usability (see „Bing’s Fall Update: More Helpful, Local, Social and Mobile„). The following article focuses the changes in Bing’s image search. The new solutions of Bing-images are help- and useful, the only problem is the quality of the results. But the usability concept is – in my eyes – much better than the „new Google image search„. The changes initially are implemented in the english version of Bing image-search. Read on »

Bing imageSearch 3 Comments 3. Januar 2011

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