Google image search history (infographic)

Infografik: History of Google Image Search

Infografik: History of Google Image Search

The Google Image Search is the largest collection of images ever. And it is free and public. Google has changed the world, even if most people didn’t noticed it anymore. Does anyone remember the time before that? If you searched for a picture you needed books or other printed material. You have to buy it or work in libraries. „Search for similar images“ in the library’s database was a dream. The following infographic shows the chronology of the Google image search. It is only 12 years old.

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Google imageSearch 8 Comments 6. November 2013

„Like a boss“ Campaign in Google’s image search. How it works…

VW - Like a boss.

VW – Like a boss.

Perhaps you have heard about the clever „Like a boss“ campaign. Searching for „ultimate business car“ the Google image search showed an amazing image campaign. First two pictures were a car – followed by the sloagn „like a boss.“ The fifth picture shows the VW-Logo.  The campaign-video says: „Google didn’t flash us. We flashed Google – Like a boss“. Ok, funny thing. But how does it work?  The following describes it. Read on »

Google imageSearch,Optimizing images 5 Comments 21. März 2013

Major changes in the German Google Image Search

Major changes in Google's image search

Major changes in Google’s image search

The last weeks I observed many changes in Google’s image search. I usually focus on german image search but I also noticed some irritations on movements in the english / international image-search. Today I want to explain what happened in Germany – perhaps it may help to analyse other Google’s image-search versions. It’s allways like lost in the fog: are changes in the image search caused by changes to individual pages? Or has Google changed something fundamental to the algorithm? In Germany we have an „Image-Search Index„, called bidox. It oberserves the Top-100 positions of 5000 main keywords. Thanks to Ingo Henze for this free service. (What i describe in this article has nothing to do with the „porn-filter“!)
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Google imageSearch Ein Kommentar 17. Dezember 2012

Google Image Search Experiment (indexing and order)

Google images test

Google images test

The Australian Seo Dan Petrovic has done ​​an interesting experiment on Google’s Image Search. He has placed 100 pictures with numbers from 1 to 100 as the filename on a website. How does Google index it? How long does it take to get the images are indexed? In what order the images are crawled and indexed? And in what order they appear in the search results? Dan’s results are, well, a bit confusing to me (see „SEO experiment: Google Image Search‚). So I rebuilt the whole thing to see clearer … Read on »

Google imageSearch Ein Kommentar 5. Mai 2012

Google images ranking factors (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

Some days ago I published an infografic about the Google ranking factors for the „Websearch“. This time I did this for the Google image-search. What are the important ranking factors? The infographic shows the main signals. So if you want to optimize your website-images: print it out for free and think about it – just while you create new images. It could help a lot. Please feel free to share or Print (click on the image for larger version for printing). Read on »

Google imageSearch,Optimizing images 35 Comments 23. Februar 2012

2 hours to reach Google images-onebox (universal-search)

2 hours until universal search

2 hours until universal search

This is amzing: today i noticed for the first time that an actual indexed image is shown in the images-onebox on the Google result page. Usually it took about 24 – 96 hours until new images are indexed by Google – this depends on the crawling rate of the images bot. But today I saw a two hours old image in the images onebox – while searching for the actual Google doodle „Louis Daguerre„. Here a sceenshot of this of the englisch result-page: Read on »

Google imageSearch Comments off 18. November 2011

New +1 button for images

+1 for Google images

+1 for Google images

Today Google started the personalization of the image-search. If you are logged in with your Google-account you can give a +1 for every image in the imagesearch. Just roll over an image: in the popup-window with the larger thumbnail and some other information you will find the new +1 button for images. By clicking you recommend this image for every friend in your GooglePlus-network. They could see it (that means your name) when this image is display in any search. Read on »

Google imageSearch Ein Kommentar 9. November 2011

Using tinEye to understand Google’s image search

Using tinEye example

Using tinEye example

The following article is extremly important for optimizing images for Google’s image-search. I would say it is a point on an „i“. Usually images are optimized onpage (for this see: „Image Seo basics: optimizing images for Google-imageSearch„). But on some keywords you can implement all optimization tipps – the images won’t rank on the first pages. Why? This article gives an answer. Notice: all of the following pictures are shown if you search with the „safeSearch filter: moderate“. Surprizing… Read on »

Google imageSearch,Optimizing images 6 Comments 16. Februar 2011

Extreme high-formats in Google’s image-search results

High format images

High format images

Since mid-December I found some extreme high-formats in the Google image search. And not only in the inage-search but  also in the results of universal search on the main Google result-page. I suspect that it is a test. However, this test took quite a while. Since at least mid-December, the extreme vertical formats can be found at Google . It looks a little bit strange because you can’t idetify anything. I made a sample screen: Read on »

Google imageSearch 2 Comments 7. Januar 2011

How to analyse a logfile (eg. check crawling-rate of images)

Logfile analysis

Logfile analysis

As mentioned in this article I have checked my server-logfiles. I want to know how often the googlebot and the google-imagesbot visit my sites per day. The question ist „How often does Google crawl my sites?“ – „What is my daily crawling-rate?“ –  This artikle is about this: how can I analyse my own logfiles. What programms do I need? And what should I do – step by step? Here the way I do it. The following method to analyse the logfiles is manually. You can be sure that no script or programm does a mistake. Read on »

Google imageSearch 2 Comments 5. Januar 2011

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