How to analyse a logfile (eg. check crawling-rate of images)

Logfile analysis

Logfile analysis

As mentioned in this article I have checked my server-logfiles. I want to know how often the googlebot and the google-imagesbot visit my sites per day. The question ist „How often does Google crawl my sites?“ – „What is my daily crawling-rate?“ –  This artikle is about this: how can I analyse my own logfiles. What programms do I need? And what should I do – step by step? Here the way I do it. The following method to analyse the logfiles is manually. You can be sure that no script or programm does a mistake. Read on »

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What is hotlinking? How to find and protect hotlinks…

Hotlinking - definition and protection

Hotlinking - definition and protection

First of all: one year ago hotlinking was a big problem. But Google learns a lot from spammers. Today I don’t see hotlinking as an actual problem. Ok, what is hotlinking? Lets say you have a website. On your websites are images. Your photos – you make them and you are the copyright-holder. After some time Google indexes your images. So they can be found in Googles image search. Your photo is nice and well-optimized, and you get some traffic with the link from the google image search. But some day you lost the complete traffic… Read on »

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Bing image-search relaunch (Dec 2010)

Bing imageSearch

Bing imageSearch

Three weeks ago Bing has relauncht its search-engine usability (see „Bing’s Fall Update: More Helpful, Local, Social and Mobile„). The following article focuses the changes in Bing’s image search. The new solutions of Bing-images are help- and useful, the only problem is the quality of the results. But the usability concept is – in my eyes – much better than the „new Google image search„. The changes initially are implemented in the english version of Bing image-search. Read on »

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