Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

My infographic about the ranking factors for Google images search (2012) is old so I made a new one. This time I tried to make it more simple that those who have no idea about optimizing images for Google could also get an impression. What is really important, and what is only a „marginal factor“? The main question behind the infographic is: How could my image get a good ranking in Google Image Search? Read on »

Optimizing images 5 Comments 15. April 2014

„Like a boss“ Campaign in Google’s image search. How it works…

VW - Like a boss.

VW – Like a boss.

Perhaps you have heard about the clever „Like a boss“ campaign. Searching for „ultimate business car“ the Google image search showed an amazing image campaign. First two pictures were a car – followed by the sloagn „like a boss.“ The fifth picture shows the VW-Logo.  The campaign-video says: „Google didn’t flash us. We flashed Google – Like a boss“. Ok, funny thing. But how does it work?  The following describes it. Read on »

Google imageSearch,Optimizing images 5 Comments 21. März 2013

What means Creative Commons? (Infographic)

CreativeCommons Infographic

CreativeCommons Infographic

The Internet is becoming more and more the focal point of our culture. Spreading plays a significantly role – and it is easy: just a simple mouse click. Creatives of all categories and genres (visual arts, music, literature, poetry, photography, etc) present their work on their websites and enrich the web. Of course, all these works are copyrighted. Use or distribution is prohibited by default. But many artists would like to share their work – even if only under certain conditions. [This article is about CreativeCommons – it offers a infographic that explains it.] Read on »

Optimizing images 14 Comments 23. August 2012

Google images ranking factors (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

Some days ago I published an infografic about the Google ranking factors for the „Websearch“. This time I did this for the Google image-search. What are the important ranking factors? The infographic shows the main signals. So if you want to optimize your website-images: print it out for free and think about it – just while you create new images. It could help a lot. Please feel free to share or Print (click on the image for larger version for printing). Read on »

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Using tinEye to understand Google’s image search

Using tinEye example

Using tinEye example

The following article is extremly important for optimizing images for Google’s image-search. I would say it is a point on an „i“. Usually images are optimized onpage (for this see: „Image Seo basics: optimizing images for Google-imageSearch„). But on some keywords you can implement all optimization tipps – the images won’t rank on the first pages. Why? This article gives an answer. Notice: all of the following pictures are shown if you search with the „safeSearch filter: moderate“. Surprizing… Read on »

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Optimizing images for Google-imageSearch – image SEO basics

Optimizing images

Optimizing images

Why are my images not in Googles images search? Why are they ranked so bad? Why took it so long until my images are indexed by Google? This article is exactly about that: how to optimize images for Google Image Search?! It is based on the german version, which I wrote in April 2010. It contains the main and basic tips for images SEO. To keep it simple, the text focuses on the Google image search. But the principles are also useful for other image-search-engines. Read on »

Basics 64 Comments 3. Januar 2011

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