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Building satellite-domains is a well known seo-strategy to help main websites. The idea is to build simple, quick and dirty websites. They are not made for users but for crawlers. They core is one or some links to the main webpage. It is clear and simple, but of course Google dislikes this. The websites and the links are made for seo, not for users. So you have a lot of trouble to hide yourself as the webmaster. This is dangerous and costs a lot of work. I often work with another strategy that is different. It’s like the opposite – so I call it „anti-satellite-SEO“. It’s pure white-hat, I think. Read on »

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The relationship between search ranking-factors

Search ranking factors

Search ranking factors

Search-ranking factors are hip these days! SEOmoz has just called to nominate the 200 leading SEO experts worldwide to create the „overall ranking factors 2011“ list. The german „Seonaut“ thinks about absolute unknown ranking-factors like „motivation“ (but only in german, sorry). As nice as the search-ranking-factors may be, but I think many people forget something crucial: not the factors themselfes is the question but the relationship between them. Of course they are neccessary, but even if you know every factor, you won’t know anything… Read on »

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New seo-blog focused on image-search

Seo for images -

Seo for images -

Please let me introduce myself first: my name is Martin Missfeldt. I live in Berlin, Germany. This blog is the english version of my german seo-blog „tagSeoBlog„. The focus is on image-search, specially on Google image search. Besides this main topic I have some experience with optimizing videos, specially on youTube. From time to time I write some funny articles (hope so) about the stupidity of searching or searchers or search optimizers or those who think they are ;-) Read on »

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Martin Mißfeldt

Author: Martin Missfeldt, Berlin based german artist, about creative image optimization and youTube video-optimization. This is the english version of More

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