Video-Seo: youTube Ranking Factors (infographic)

youTube Video-Seo: Ranking Factors

youTube Video-Seo: Ranking Factors

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. What factors play a role in order to be listed in the top results of the youTube search? Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to represent these factors only as a list. It is not enough to write the keyword in the video-title, description and keywords. The youTube algorithm evaluates many more signals. And all of the individual factors are related to each other. The following infographic gives an idea of what is important. Read on »

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Timer test: youTube Video Preview thumbnail

youTube Video-Thumbnail bestimmen

youTube Video-Thumbnail bestimmen

How does the selection of the youTube video thumbnails work? Is it by random? Can you change the preview image that is displayed on youTube lists? Two years ago I described a method of how it worked (at that time). Therefore you could use a timer. Included to the video you could read the frame-timecode of the three video thumbnails. With this knowledge you could replace in the video exactly these three frames. After uploading again you saw your preview thumbnails. Now I have tested this method again. And, unfortunately: it fails. This article shows the experiment and the results. Maybe someone has another idea? Read on »

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Google: youTube-Search replaces Video-Search

YouTube replaces Video-Search

YouTube replaces Video-Search

Some days ago Google has launched a fundamental change in the Websearch. Besides the websearch Google offers some special seraches, called „verticals“, like Image-Search, News or Video-Search. If you search for something you can move into these verticals by using the meta-navigation. But now Google decided to replace the video-search in the main-Navigation with the youTube-search. Really bitter for Vimeo, dailymotion and all other video-plattforms. Read on »

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How to create an amazing youTube Channel Design (Tutorial)

youTube Channel design

youTube Channel design

I have published a small tutorial : how to make an extraordinary youTube Channel design. Something unusual. The following method is especially for brands a good way to promote their image. It is – in principle – quit easy. The idea is to set the borders and boxes to invisible (that is „transparency = 100%). Take a screenshot of this and you it to create a clean template. The following video-tutorial shows how to do this and how to create your own background design. Read on »

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