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Morbide Charles Addams Google doodle

Charles Addams doodle

Charles Addams doodle

Google honors the American cartoonist Charles Addams with a „horror“ doodle. Charles Addams was known for his black humor and macabre characters. Since 1932 his Cartoons regularly appeared in The New Yorker, a famous american magazin. In 1938 his first „Addams family“ chacters were published, but without any names.

Charles Addams was born 1912 in Westfield, New Jersey – 100 years ago. His father encouraged him to draw – and he did it really well. But his sense for morbide and macabre scenes was unusual. He did some cartoons for the Westfield High School student literary magazine. 1931 – 1932 he studied fine-arts at the University of Pennsylvania. But in this time he also started his career as cartoonist at the New Yorker.

Here the Addams-Doodle as a video:

The Google logo shows some of his figures. Years later they were called „Addams Family“. As it says at Wikipedia: „The Addams Family television series began after David Levy, a television producer, approached Addams with an offer to create it with a little help from the humorist. All Addams had to do was give his characters names and more characteristics for the actors to use in portrayals. The series ran on ABC for two seasons, from 1964 to 1966.“

The following video shows the opening of the series:

And here another, really funny episode:

Addams typical Victorian buildings were an inspiration Alfred Hitchcocks („Psycho“) and Edward Hopper. The following image shows the nice dark houmor of Charles Addams:

Charles Addams: "Now play dead!"

Charles Addams: "Now play dead!"

Source:  theinvisibleagent (btw: nice artcle with many picture of Charles Addams). This picture reminds me on the brillant french cartoonist Sempé. It was the style of the mid-twenty-century.

Charles Addams was married three times. He died on September 29, 1988. More about him and his work on his official homepage.

Ronald Searle, a great cartoonist

This doodle is a great opportunity also to celbrate one of the greatest illustrators and cartoonists of the 20th century. One week ago died Ronald Searle. Ronald Searle was born on March 3rd, 1920 in England – 8 years after Charles Addams. 1961 he moved to Paris, leaving his family and later marrying Monica Koenig, painter, theatre and jewellery designer.After 1975, Searle and his wife lived and worked in the mountains of Haute Provence.

Others wrote …

More nice Google doodles

Finally a drawing by me – hope you like also :-)

Cowboy ...

Cowboy ...

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