German SEOs as Simpsons

German Seo-Simpsons

German Seo-Simpsons

Painting international SEOs as Simpsons was not a new idea. I thought about it since months. So when I started this Blog in the beginning of 2011 I remember that. The first idea of Seo-Simpsons is 1 and a half year old. I painted some german SEOs as Simpsons. Before I paint the extended international version I would like to present the german SEOs. I think some of them are well known – others not. Of course they are all brillant. Again feel free to print it out and hang it in your office.

Here is the first version:

German SEOs as Simpsons

German SEOs as Simpsons

Link for the printable version: German Seos as Simpsons (extended) (2000 x 2900 px, 1,2 MB).

I got a lot of feedback. Of course allways is someone missing. So I painted some more versions, the final one for the SEO-CampiXX 2010 (the best german SEO-event/meeting).

Great german SEOs, SEO-blogs, SEO-Tools and SEO-agencys

  • Unfortunately the SEO-Campixx 2011 is limited for german SEOs. Perhaps organizer Marco Janck (Seonaut on the poster) will open it in 2012.
  • Of course enerybody knows Marcus Tandler (mediadonis) who writes in his blog both german and english. The highlight of the Seo-season is his „Seo-Oktoberfest“ in Munich.
  • Johannes Beus (Sistrix) is a collector – a data-collector. He has build up a giant database since years and offers a great tool: the sistrix toolbox (in four languages). E.g. inkluding interesting analyse-tools für Universal-search integrations.
  • Fridaynite is a myth, a ghost. I don’t know any website of him. But he must be a real great one – not ironic. His Seo-book is legendary.
  • I couldn’t believe if you have not heard from Christoph C. Cemper and his „Link research Tools„.
  • Gerald Steffens (minivip) is the grand godfather of the german seosphere. He wrote about seo before the internet exists (he told me ;-). He has more blogs than Google… Fabulous his german seo-fun Blog SEO-Klitsche.
  • Gretus (Heiner Hemken) is as popular as large. He and his partner Constantin Rehberg are the core of the – I think – best connected and biggest german SEO-blog: „SEO-United„.
  • Jens Fauldraht is the super-seo-principal of the german Telekom. He has problems like: how to remove 200.000 pages and so on. Allways a great pleasure to hear him speak. Here the blog of the Inhouse-SEO.
  • Alan Webb is founder of the great german seo-agency Abakus Internet Marketing.
  • Marcus Tober is also well-known. He is the co-founder of searchmetrics, that actually expands in new international markets.
  • Prof. Mario Fischer is a well reputated SEO who teaches SEO. He is also the founder of a new german seo-magazin called „Website boosting„.
  • NerdInSkirt (are there also so few women in international seo???) is as many others an employee of the big seo-agency „TRG – theReachGroup„. Seo-Punk is a co-founder but I think he has just opened a new seo-company. Together with Chistof Burseg and Pelle „Mobile Seo“ they are the „Seo-band“ that plays on the main german Seo-events. Great stuff! („God loves this band!“)

Ok, many are missing. Sorry for that. Feel free to google them. Here’s the final german SEO-Simpsons poster:

German SEO-Simpsons final poster

German SEO-Simpsons final poster

The link to the printable file: German Seo-Simpsons (final poster) (1422 x 2000 Pixel – 923 kB)

Me is the one on the bottom right – but I look much better ;-)

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    i want to know your yearly cost free internet business training workshop in Germany for 2012

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