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Google celebrates Father’s day with interactive doodle

Father's Day 2013 Doodle

Father’s Day 2013 Doodle

Google celebrates Father’s day with a nive doodle: it’s a kind of „what men like“ slotmachine. It’s June 16th , 2013 (3rd Sunday of June) and and these countries celebrate Father’s Day on the Google homepage: Canada, Turkey, Qatar, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Panama, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Ireland, Nigeria, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Ghana, Brunei, Singapore, China, Chile, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Netherlands, Uganda, Oman, United States, Kenya, Mexico, Tunisia, South Africa, Peru, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Senegal, Colombia, Greece, Paraguay, Japan, Cyprus.

Here’s a video that shows the doodle:


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