Google Doodle celebrates 100th Tour de France

Tour de France doodle

Tour de France doodle

This year starts the 100th Tour de France, the strongest bicycle race worldwide. Google celebrates the Tour with a nice animated doodle on the homepage. The Tour-doodle looks like an old fashined print. Two bicycle rides pedal on the metal horses. On the right side is shown the map of france. On the left stands in old letters „La centième“ („the one hundredth [tour]„). Nice – but after Lance Amstrong told us that it is impossible to win the tour without doping I am not sure what to think about it …

Here’s the Tour-de-France-doodle:

100th Tour de France Doodle (2013)

100th Tour de France Doodle (2013)

And as allways I made a video out of this – combined with some text and music:

The doodle reminds me on the fantastic olympic doodle 2012. In the following video you can see all olympic doodles together:

More nice doodles

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