Google honors Clara Schumann’s 193rd birthday

Clara Schumann Doodle

Clara Schumann Doodle

Google celebrates Clara Schumann’s 193rd birthday with a lovely Doodle. It shows her with 8 children sitting at a piano. Clara Schuman was a German musician and composer and one of the most distinguished pianists of her time. She was married with Robert Schumann, a very famous romantic composer. Google honors Robert Schumann with a Doodle on June 9th, 2010. Clara and Robert had 8 children.

Clara Schumann had a really hard life. After an attempted suicide, Robert was confined to a mental institution. Robert died 1856, 16 years after the marriage. Clara had to give 6 of her children away. She devoted herself to play only his works. Clara Schumann died on May 20th, 1896 at age 76.
More about her life:

Here the doodle as video documentation (click on the video to start)

Clara Schumann Google doodle

Happy Birthday Clara Schumann.


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