Google honors Paul Cézanne with art-doodle

Paul Cézanne art doodle

Paul Cézanne art doodle

Today is the 172nd birthday of Paul Cézanne. Google honors the famous french painter with a really nice artistic doodle. I am an ardent admirer of Cézanne and his paintings. Paul Cézanne has liberated the painting – his paintings. By doing so he was an example for other artists. Not without reason the art-history called him a „father of modern painting“. Cézanne found the basemanet of painting. The picture was no longer a rational medium for storytelling, but a quality in itself. The painting became the subject.

The Cézanne-doodle shows a typical sujet: a still-life on a table, with plates and vases on a tablecloth. Most details seems to be orignial-Cézanne, only the plates that build the „g“ of the Logo looks different. I have no idea what is on the plates, but anyway the look modern.

Google honors 172nd birthday of french artist Paul Cézanne with a doodle

Google honors 172nd birthday of french artist Paul Cézanne with a doodle

I really like this doodle. In my eyes the doodler has a good feeling for Cézannes art. The doodle itself is a great artistic work.

Looking each other in the cards

Card players after Paul Cézanne

Card players after Paul Cézanne

Btw: today I will get a lot of traffic for my art-homapage. In the german Google-results I rank with an image in the universal-search for the key „Paul Cézanne„. Perhaps I optimized a little bit too much ;-) . Ok, it looks a little bit strange – if you expect a Cézanne picture. Its a cartoon-version of Cézannes famous „Card-players„. I painted them as giraffes. They sit at a table with a bottle of wine and look each other in the cards.

More information about Paul Cézanne at Wikipedia.

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  1. kaliegh

    there should be more doodles

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