Google honors Robert Bunsen with bubbling burner-doodle

Robert Bunsen 200. birthday

Robert Bunsen 200. birthday

Today ist „Bunsen burner day“. 200 years ago, precisely on 30 March 1811, the later chemist Robert Bunsen was born in Göttingen, Germany. The researcher and professor gets famous with the development of a gas burner called „bunsen-burner“. The gas-powered flame could be controlled selectively. It has become the epitome of a creative chemistry laboratory. Of course Google take the chance to honor Robert Bunsen today with a nice bubbling interactive doodle.

As the youngest of four sons, Robert Wilhelm Bunsen grew up in Göttingen, where he studied. His passion was chemistry. After a few years of wandering through Europe, he returned to his hometown, where he was a respected professor.

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

„Bunsen was one of the most universally admired scientists of his generation. He was a master teacher, devoted to his students, and they were equally devoted to him. At a time of vigorous and often caustic scientific debates, Bunsen always conducted himself as a perfect gentleman, maintaining his distance from theoretical disputes. He much preferred to work quietly in his laboratory, regularly enriching his science with useful discoveries. On a point of principle, he never took out a patent, despite the fact that his new battery and new laboratory burner would surely have brought him great wealth. Bunsen never married.“ Source: wikipedia.

Today’s Doodle is a kind of experimental setup on a tabletop. On the left you can see the Bunsen burner, which brings the matter to boil.

Robert Bunsen's bubbling doodle

Robert Bunsen's bubbling doodle

The coffee-machine makes the whole scene incredibly comfortable. And this despite the clarity of flat colors and shapes more reminiscent of the cold Bauhaus-style than alchemical kitchen.

Even the Muppets have set a monument for Dr. Bunsen:

Robert Bunsen died 1899 at the age of 88 years in Heidelberg, Germany. (here the german version of this Bunsen-article)

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