Google: youTube-Search replaces Video-Search

YouTube replaces Video-Search

YouTube replaces Video-Search

Some days ago Google has launched a fundamental change in the Websearch. Besides the websearch Google offers some special seraches, called „verticals“, like Image-Search, News or Video-Search. If you search for something you can move into these verticals by using the meta-navigation. But now Google decided to replace the video-search in the main-Navigation with the youTube-search. Really bitter for Vimeo, dailymotion and all other video-plattforms.

On the left there is still the link to the video-search. Here a screenshot:

Google Search for Videos: New! YouTube in the header

Google Search for Videos: New! YouTube in the header

Clicking the links opens two different search-result pages. As expected by clicking on the youTube-link the page moves from google to youTube search.

Two Google video-search results: youTube (left) and video-search (right)

Two Google video-search results: youTube (left) and video-search (right)

YouTube is the second largest search-engine worldwide. But: many people expect „objective“ results. In this case only youTube-videos can be found.

Of course Google will argue that the header is for Google products (as „Mail“ and „Docs“). But I believe that many people are familiar with using the header-navigation to reach the verticals – as with Google images. It is one more step to prefer the own services. Combined with a massiv lost of traffic for the competitors.

What do you think?

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