Happy Holidays from Google (and me)

Happy Holidays from Google

Happy Holidays from Google

Happy Holidays – from Google with a nice doodle (logo) – and from me. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Google shows on the homepage a nice doodle. It shows a lot of toys – seems to be all toys of the world that are on their way to Google-land. Looks a little bit like the Little Nemo Doodle. Of course I will show you in the article the last year’s Christmas-doodle. And – because many people like it – I present some german stamps – the „Christmas-stamps“. Enjoy :-)

First of course the „Happy-Holiday-Doodle“ 2012:

Happy Holidays from Google - Doodle 2012

Happy Holidays from Google – Doodle 2012

As allways a made a video with some nice music. Hope you like:


Last year Google presented an interactive Christmas-doodle:


But the burner was the „Let it snow“ Easter eg. Unfortunately Google doesn’t reanimated this year. Come on Google, please let it snow again :-)


And here the Little-Nemo-Doodle. It was an interactive one so I documented it as a video:


If you want to see more of my Doodle-videos please subscribe my doodle-channel.

German Christmas an Holidays stamps (1969 – 1989)

And here the „Christmas-stamps“ from germany. Hope you like. The German Bundespost started the series in 1969. The chistmas stamps have a surcharge. They cost a little bit more than usual – and the money goes to wellfare programms.

1969 – 1973

Zinnfigur: Christuskind in Krippe (Aufl. 13.110.000)1969 Weihnachtsengel im Kostüm (Aufl. 11.861.000)1970 Weihnachtsengel aus Holz (Aufl. 9.834.000)1971 Heilige drei Könige (Aufl. 9.064.000)1972

1973 – 1975

Weihnachtsstern aus Papier (Aufl. 8.797.000)1973 Roter Weihnachtsstern / Adventsstern (Aufl. 8.137.000)1974 Schneerose / Christrose (Aufl. 8.304.000)1975


Maria mit Jesuskind (Aufl. 11.267.000)


Weihnachtsbriefmarke Glasfenster Heiliger König (Aufl. 11.187.000)


Weihnachtsmarke mit Jesuskind (Aufl. 10.356.000)

1979 – 1982

Geburt Christi im Stall zu Bethlehem (Aufl. 11.200.000)1979 Bethlehem Stall, Geburt Christi (Aufl. 11.818.000)1980 Geburt Christi mit Engeln, Weihnachtsmarke (Aufl. 11.568.000)1981 Christi Geburt von Meister Bertram (Aufl. 11.166.000)1982

1983 – 1986

Sternsinger (Aufl. 11.900.000)1983 Sankt Martin gibt Bettler Mantel (Aufl. 11.643.000)1984 Geburt Christi, nach Hans Baldung Grien (Aufl. 11.060.000)1985 Anbetung des Kindes (Aufl. 10.989.000)1986

1987 – 1989

Geburt Christi (Aufl. 11.032.000)1987 Geburt Christi aus dem Evangeliar von Heinrich dem Löwen (Aufl. 10.796.000)1988 Musizierender Engel von Veit Stoss (Aufl. 7.233.800)1989 Geburt Christi von Veit Stoß (Aufl. 9.236.300)1989

Source for the stamps here.

Ok, dear readers, I wish you all the vest. See you next year :-) Happy Holydays…

[German Article: Frohes Fest – wünscht Google – und ich auch]

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