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Happy New Year 2012 & the best Google Doodles 2011

Google celebrates New Year’s Eve and / or New Year’s Day with a nice doodle (the Google logo as a funny story-telling image). It seems that the characters are individuals and have a nice party. It is a static doodle without animation. But I have done a Video out of this where I animated roughly the action in the drawing.

Here the „Happy New Year“ Doodle as a picture:

Frohes Neues Jahr 2012 - Google Doodle

Frohes Neues Jahr 2012 - Google Doodle

And the video version – with roughly animation:

Happy New Year 2012 (Google doodle)

Happy New Year Doodle 2000 – 2011

Google shows everey year a „New Year Doodle“ – since 2000. Here all „New Year’s Doodle“:

Happy new year – Google doodles (2000-2011)

I wish you all the very best for 2012 :-)

Top-Doodles worldwide in 2011

If you haven’t see yet. The 35 top-Doodles worldwide in the past year 2011:

All Google doodles 2011 (global)


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