How fresh is the current toolbar pageRank?

Larry PageRank Image

Larry PageRank Image

The Google pageRank Update January 2011 has passed. Ok, pageRank isn’t important for seo. But for „normal“ users it is an intersting visual signal. Usually people think that the pageRank shows how „serious“ a page is. When Google start ten years before this was true. But times goes by – today it is easy to manipulate the pageRank, e.g. by buying links. Therefore today the pagerank doesn’t says a lot about the reputation of a site. Because of this Google minimalized the impact of pageRank as ranking-factor. The pageRank is for the calculation of ranking in the Google result-pages unimportant. … What I want to say: if the pagerank is a value that many people use, the question is: how fresh is it?

State of the past!

Poke in the fog

Poke in the fog

The visible toolbar PageRank does not even show the actual state of the calculation, but reflects a state that is in the past. The question is: when was it? What pageRank values are currently displayed? To find out, I made a few analysis. Particularly suitable for this course are blogs, because here you can quickly check the date of each article. I checked the following blogs: David-Naylor-Blog, tinEye-Blog, seobythesea, mediadonis, and some more (examples in the german article).

Actual pageRank date: Juni 11, 2010!

Uuuhh - Google pageRank update!

Uuuhh - Google pageRank update!

The result is: the critical date was on June 11, 2010 (!!!). That means: pages that are younger than this date didn’t get a pageRank. On the other hand older pages gets pageRank – often too high to be realistic. Usually old articles disappear in the deepness of the blog-system.

This analysis shows: tha actual Google pageRank shows very old values.

Except: homepages and PR0

There ist one except: homepages. The starting pages of domains have sometime fresher pageRank-values. Perhaps because of the „little“ updates in October or November 2010. In my eyes this is interesating: are homepage-links are fresher? If you need „short-time“ effective links, is it the best to set homepage-links? This confirms my observations…

The second exception is also interesting: younger site often have a pageRank 0. It seems, that this PR0 doesn’t show a calculated pageRank. It is more like this: the page is calculated but Google doesn’t show the value becaus it’s too fresh. But I am not sure about this.

That means…

Don’t worry about the actual pageRank. If you wonder about your value: consider that the value is really old. Today it may looks much better (or worse ;-) ).

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3 Comments zu "How fresh is the current toolbar pageRank?"

  1. Kai

    Hi Martin,
    won’t be nitpicking, but in english, it’s still ‚June‘ 11th ;)
    Great idea to blog in english anyway :)
    Best regards

  2. Missfeldt

    @Kai: sure, I have correct that. Thanx :-)

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