How to create an amazing youTube Channel Design (Tutorial)

youTube Channel design

youTube Channel design

I have published a small tutorial : how to make an extraordinary youTube Channel design. Something unusual. The following method is especially for brands a good way to promote their image. It is – in principle – quit easy. The idea is to set the borders and boxes to invisible (that is „transparency = 100%). Take a screenshot of this and you it to create a clean template. The following video-tutorial shows how to do this and how to create your own background design.

Finally you have to save this image and upload it into your channel as background. Of course you have to adjust the text-colors.

Attention: this method only works with the „old youTube design“. The new youTube design is very static and has just minimal opportunities to design attractive channel backgrounds. It is nearly impossible to make an extraordinary channel (if you are not a partner channel).

To see the result please open my channel :-)

I used to work with photoshop – but in principle you can do this with every graphic-programm.

So, let us hope that the old youTube design lives long – or, better: please youTube, give us more chances to be creative with your new design.

How to do a create youTube channel design (video tutorial)

How to do a create youTube channel design (video tutorial)

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