Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)

Google images ranking factors

Google images ranking factors

My infographic about the ranking factors for Google images search (2012) is old so I made a new one. This time I tried to make it more simple that those who have no idea about optimizing images for Google could also get an impression. What is really important, and what is only a „marginal factor“? The main question behind the infographic is: How could my image get a good ranking in Google Image Search?

Here it is – feel free to share and discuss …

Google images search ranking factors (Infographic by Martin Missfeldt)

Google images search ranking factors (Infographic by Martin Missfeldt)

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To make this clear: duplicate content of images (that means copies) is an important positive ranking factor :-)

I made some things more simple than they are. Of course seo for images is more difficult. The goal of this graphic is to give an introduction of the main principles. Google gives very rarely information about image search and the ranking factors. So this is based on many tests and a lot of experience with a lot of gallery. But of course a I may fail. So please give me and others a hint if you observed something different – or if your theory about Google image search is another one :-)

Here the german version.

More infographics by me

Google images ranking factors 2014

Google images ranking factors 2014

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5 Comments zu "Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)"

  1. Pano Kontogiannis

    exif data is very important for images

  2. Williama Brahams

    Really awesome.We can get some info from these.

  3. Ben Sibley

    I didn’t know that more copies of the image could result in better rankings. Must be the reason they developed the reverse image search technology in the first place.

    Is there any data or a study you know of that covers this in more detail?

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