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Inofficial Google Doodles (never shown!)

Inoffical Doodles

Inoffical Doodles

I love Google’s doodles – mostly. But sometimes I ask myself: why did he or she paints it this way? I could image other versions. Unfortunately Google is allways political correct. Of course they are. But what if not? Wouldn’t it be funny? As an artist I feel free to paint the „bad doodles“ – those that Google would never show. The following doodles are not official, they are not painted by the (great) doodlers, I painted these doodles. Hope Google won’t kill me ;-)

Inofficial Google Doodles (by Missfeldt)

Inofficial Google Doodles (by Missfeldt)

The last one is politically no problem (Carneval day). I painted it as a reaction on an unhappy, unfunny doodle in germany.

Ok, Google, if you need a painter for nasty, explicite or unserious doodles, please contact me ;-)

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3 Comments zu "Inofficial Google Doodles (never shown!)"

  1. Kai

    hrhr really cool doodles,
    maybe google WILL hire you! ;)

  2. Seba

    This Toilet-styled Doodle. Got it! Awesome!

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