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Interactive Google Doodle for Art Clokey

Art Clokey Google doodle

Art Clokey Google doodle

Today Google honors Art Clokey with a „Gumby“-Doodle on the homepage. Art Clokey was a pioneer in the stop motion clay animation. He was born on Oct. 12, 1921 – 75 years ago. His birthname was Arthur C. Farrington. When Art was nine years old, his parents divorced. He lived with his father, but he died in a car accident. His Mother – and stepfather – had no interests in him. So the 12 year old Art was adopted by Joseph W. Clokey.
1955 his experimental short film „Gumbasia“ released (3:34 min). It was a parody of and an homage to Disney’s Fantasia. From this, Art Clokey and his wife Ruth invented Gumby (the green one). Gumby gets famous on many TV-episodes and shows.

Here is the doodle. As allways I try to document the interactivity with a video. The doodle on the Google homepage is without sounds.

To give you an idea of gumby and his freinds here an episode called „Gumby: Moon Madness“:

Art Clokey

Art Clokey

„Clokey is credited with the clay-animation title sequence for the 1965 beach movie Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine starring Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon. His son, Joe Clokey, continued the Davey and Goliath cartoon in 2004. In March 2007, KQED-TV broadcast an hour-long documentary Gumby Dharma as part of their Truly CA series.“

In 1995, Clokey and Dallas McKennon teamed up again for Gumby: The Movie, a feature film. The movie was not a great success at the box office and was widely panned by critics.“ (source: Wikipedia)


And in the end the video of „Gumbasia“, the first experimental short animation with clay:

Art Clokey died in his sleep on January 8, 2010, at age 88, at his home in Los Osos, California.

More about Art Clokey at Via

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