SEOs as Simpsons

Seos as Simpsons

Seos as Simpsons

I paint a poster: international SEOs as Simpsons. Thanks to @mediadonis for his suggestions who could be part of it :-). I started this english tagSeoBlog three weeks ago, and I am still not familiar with the international seosphere. Most seos I haven’t met before. I used photos that I found in Google’s imagesearch. Perhaps they are old or didn’t look similar to the real person. But I hope you can imagine who they should be. For those who are part of the poster: of course you could use your seo-simpson as you like. For all others: feel free to print it out and hang it in your company.

Here it is – click to zoom:

International SEOs as Simpsons poster

International SEOs as Simpsons poster

As I said: feel free to print it out, and hang it near your screen. Use the big one that you get by clicking. It is not allowed to sell prints of the picture.

If you are on the picture but dislike it, please contact me. I will remove it then.

Who is missing?

I think there are more than 20 top-Seos in the world. Marcus told me some more names but I would like to hear what you think. So please tell me who is missing. I will expand the poster. Any suggestions?

Btw: this is my twitter-account ;-)

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25 Comments zu "SEOs as Simpsons"

  1. Thos003

    Great job on these! Not sure if Rand can really get away with a bad boy unshaven image. Too funny. Thanks.

  2. Srikanth AD

    Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive

  3. Missfeldt

    @Thos003: Thanks :-)

    @Srikanth: Also to you. He is on the list.

  4. Aidan

    Hilarious – love it, some are really good, while I’ve not met the man, the one of Danny Sullivan is particularly good imho :)

  5. Loewenherz

    Great idea, Martin. I miss Rae Hoffman and Jim Boykin. Okay, Sugarrae is more active as an affiliate. But I think it would fit ;-)

  6. Garethjax

    Greg is perfect!

  7. Missfeldt

    @Aidan: :-)

    @Loewenherz: listed, thanx. Nice site, btw ;-)

    @Garethjax: yeah, he looks cool – I think also in reality.

  8. Sebastian

    Add the missing people from :)

  9. Pablo Almeida

    Hahahaha…Barry is very funny! Amazing poster! :D

  10. Jason Duke

    Amazing work Martin.

    Brilliant in fact. I simply wish I didn’t look so gormless. That’s not because of you, I simply look like that! :)


  11. Missfeldt

    @Jason: In my eyes you all look pretty well. Because you don’t look like everybody. Each drawing has its own charakter.
    Thanks :-)

  12. Adrac Ltd

    Very Funny post @aaronwall. Should bring a smile to everyone checking out the post.

    I believe there are some missing; @andybeal, @avinash, @graywolf and finally @mattcutts. These guys have a great contribution to the SEO community along with others.

  13. Aidan Rogers

    Would dude you got some talent, makes me want to get my ink out and start drawing again. Love the one of Barry Schartz :)

  14. Missfeldt

    @Adrac: thanks for your suggestions. @graywolf (Michael Gray) is on the poster. Or is there another one?
    I thought about Matt Cutts – but is he a SEO? He’s more a SEO-hunter :D Ok, not all SEOs are blackhats…

    @Aidan: Yeah, come on. I would like to see.

  15. Dan

    No Bruce Clay?

  16. Missfeldt

    @Dan: thanx, listed…

  17. Seba

    quite awesome, Martin! As always. Very Beautiful!

  18. SEO services

    great job you have done

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