It’s still struggling: Google pageRank update Jan. 2011

Uuuh - pageRank update

Uuuh - pageRank update

Surprise surprise, it’s still struggling. Seems that Google rolled out a toolbar pageRank Update. Seotainment pure… As Barry wrotes there is a lot of trouble in some forums. I can not see anything on my sites – but they are hosted in germany. Mayby it took again some weeks until Google remembers us ;-) I thought the Google pageRank is dead. But no, Google takes the green bar out of the mothballs and revives the dinosaur among the ranking-factors. But why? Does it make any sense?

The last Google toolbar pageRank update that I could confirm was on April 2nd, 2010. All the following pagerank updates are fiction in my eyes. Just some new sites get new pageRank.

Simple pageRank theory

Google pageRank - just a brand?

Google pageRank - just a brand?

In theory the pageRank shows the power of the incoming links of a webpage. The pageRank of the linking page passes through to the linked site. Usually there are a lot of theories on how the pageRank-algorythm works. But in my experience it’s quit simple: a pege gets just one point less then the incoming link with the highest pageRank. So if you have 100 incoming links, and the highest one is a PR 5 your page gest a pageRank 4. In some little cases, when the linking page has a lot of outgoing links it might passes two points less.

The good thing is that the toolbar pageRank is now more actual. The update on April 2010 shows the state of March 22, 2010. So it would be time: to kill it or to revive it. Google decides to reactivate it. And now, let’s see what happens ;-)

Of course the toolbar-pageRank has today only a small impact on seo. And for „images-seo“ it is nearly useless. It is just seotainment…

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15 Comments zu "It’s still struggling: Google pageRank update Jan. 2011"

  1. Seoux

    Seit wann schreibts Du auf Englisch?

  2. Missfeldt

    @Seoux: will auswandern ;-) Please comment in englisch.

  3. Seba

    Seoux … Please. English please … ;)

    Well … i thaught also that Aunt Google killed the pagerank. Just a bit shocked at the mom. But well done. We´ll see whats gonna happen in the next few hours .. whether i care the greenrank or not, its nice to know that google didnt lost it´s pagerank.

  4. Anup @ Hack Tutors

    Finally, PR has been updated! My blog got PR 3 from 0 :D

  5. Missfeldt

    @Seba: I am not sure why Google updates it. Thanx for commenting, german guys :-)

    @Anup: Congrats :-)

  6. Sam

    Seems like Google miss you and me. Hopefully , They Google will scrwal our site over the weekend and give us PR. :)

  7. Mike Bosch - Software Engineer

    Page Rank update is not fine for me, dropped from 5 to 4. One question to Martin that what new factors Google is considering while updating the PageRank?

  8. Missfeldt

    @Mike: I dont think so. PageRank is only one of over 200 hundred other ranking factors. Because of this the pageRank is less important für search-engine-optimization.
    In my eyes the social-net factors and the trust of a source (link, social etc) gets more important. May be the „brand-weight“ of a site depends on these issues.

  9. Chennaimoms

    My website got PR 3

  10. Seba

    @Re: Sure … ;)

  11. Flash Game

    At PR3, can’t wait to see the next update.

  12. Sagar

    My blog’s PR went down last update, but I hope my blog gets a good PR next update :)

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