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London 2012 Basketball – Again Amazing Doodle-Game

London 2012 Basketball Doodle

London 2012 Basketball Doodle

One day after the amazing Hurdles-Doodle Google presents again an outstanding Doodle-Game: Basketball. I found it on Google-Newzealand ( The goal is to shot as many baskets as possible – in 24 seconds. To shot you have to press the space-key. It seems to bee easy, but … My hints:  don’t look at the basketball – concentrate on your player. And: you win the game with the 3 pointers (at the end of the game). Good luck! Link to play:

Here the „London 2012 Basketball“ Doodle as a video. I shot 39 points – not bad, i think.

Source: London 2012 Basketball Doodle

More about basketball competitions at London 2012 (Olympic Games):

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London 2012 Basketball (Google doodle)

London 2012 Basketball (Google doodle)


Basketball Doodle - Olympia 2008 (Beijing)

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Basketball Doddle - Olympia 2000 (Sydney)

Basketball Doddle – Olympia 2000 (Sydney)

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  1. yoel

    the basketball game was more sick than addiction

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