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London 2012 Hockey – Olympic Doodle

Field Hockey Doodle (London 2012)

Field Hockey Doodle (London 2012)

Olympic Doodle No. 6 presents „Hockey“ (August 1st, 2012). Field hockey is a sport played internationally by both males and females. The game grew from English public schools in the early 19th century. Hockey had been taken to India by British servicemen where it is very popular. Other great teams are Pakistan, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. All games will be played at the Riverbank Arena, London. The womens hockey final is on 10 August. The mens hockey final is on 11 August.

Tho doodle shows a woman. I like the doodle because of the friendly collors. It corresponds to the main Theme of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony: „Green and pleasant land„.

London 2012 Hockey Doodle

London 2012 Hockey Doodle

As allways I made a video of the doodle. Some times peaople asked me why I do this. You can go on the Google homepage and see it live. … Of course, but next day it’s gone. In my eyes it is a new kind of „infomational video“: short and simple, a little bit more than just the images. What do you think?

London 2012 Hockey – Google Doodle

Again the doodlers show a very dynamic form – a trapezoidal shape. It seems that the power of the woman is transferred into the doodle. Amazing graphic concept for a sports-doodle series. Here are the doodles untill now: can you see it? The power of the athletes are shown in the form of the doodle…

Men's Rings

Men’s Rings Doodle

Fencing Doodle

Fencing Doodle

Diving Doodle

Diving Doodle

Archery Doodle

Archery Doodle

Amazing work by the Google designers. Congrats…

More about the teams and competitions of the London-2012-Olympics on the official site. And of course at Wikipedia: Field hockey at the 2012 Summer Olympics

The first olympic hockey-doodle

This time I couldn’t show another version. It is the first „Hockey-Doodle„. All other doodle of the London-2012 doodle-series has at least one picture in the olympic-doodle-tradition. Perhaps tomorrow…

What comes next? I’m sure Google will show a „Weightlifting„-Doodle and a „Soccer„-Doodle. Perhaps „Basketball“ and „Rowing„?

See you tomorrow :-)

via Feldhockey – Olympia Doodle [6]

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