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London 2012 Slalom Canoe – Doodle Game

Slalom Canoe Doodle (London 2012)

Slalom Canoe Doodle (London 2012)

Olympia-Doodle No. 14 presents Slalom Canoe – it’s a Google series during the olympic Games 2012 in London. Until November 2008 this sport is called „Whitewater slalom“. Then the official name changes into „Slalom Canoe“. Again Google offers us an amzing online game (after „Hurdles“ and „Basketball„). You have to navigate through the water channel as fast as possible. In real the athletes have to navigate a decked canoe or kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids. Fast and hard sport, and full of wetness. More about Slalom Canoe:

Here the doodle as a video:

(If have added some sounds and music for more athmosphere :-). Again it’s a quit simple, but really nice game. It’s not design for hardcore palyers but for normal people like you and me. Here’s my record:

Read more about canoe slalom:

Comparable Doodles

Here the slalom canoe doodle 2012:

London 2012: Slalom Canoe Google Doodle

London 2012: Slalom Canoe Google Doodle

While the olympics in Beijing 2008Google presented a „Rowing“-Doodle:

Rowing Doodle 2008 (Olympics Beijing)

Rowing Doodle 2008 (Olympics Beijing)

In the year 2000 – during the Olympics in Sydney – Google shows a „Kayak“ Doodle:

Kayak Doodle 2000 (Olympics Sydney)

Kayak Doodle 2000 (Olympics Sydney)

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