Matt Cutts speedpainting – Googles man against spam

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

Ok, ist an old one, but the english version of this blog is new and for that I want to show some „highlights“. One is the speedpainting of Matt Cutts that I painted about one year ago. It was my new-year-greeting to the german seosphere in 2010. The video shows the painting process as a time-lapsed video. The digital painting with photoshop cs3 and wacom tablet took about two hours and 20 layers.

Source: youTube, the tagSeoBlog-Channel

The german text says:

  • „The creation of Spaminator Matt Cutts“
  • „And God says: There will be light.“
  • „But unfortunately the spam was tricky
  • as God thought.“
  • „And God says:
  • F*ck!“
  • „Therefore God creates an angel-like, fabulous, incredible being
  • to fight the spam.“
  • „And God says: Hmmm…“
  • „Have to optimize that.“
  • „And God saw that there is missing something offpage…“
  • „And God says: more juice!“
  • „And God creates him a total stylish office.“

Happy new year and all the best for 2011!

Matt Cutts (Google) speedpainting

Matt Cutts (Google) speedpainting

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