Matt Cutts wants german link-buying blogs

Being a SEO pig

Being a SEO pig

Maybe someone read yesterday this twitter message by Matt Cutts: „@sascha_p Would you mind if someone on the webspam team reached out to talk more about this? Okay to DM me your email address?“ But most of non german speaking Seos would not understand what this is about. I could tell you :-) … One week ago a german techBlogger (Sascha P) said, he had „explosive secret informations about a conspirative german blogger-network, focused on subliminal advertising. It will start a tsunami in the german blogosphere…„. Of course many people are curious about that story by the self-appointed „german Julian Assange„.

Yesterday the cat jumps out of the rice-bag that is fallen down at that moment, in china. The story is: About two years ago a company bought a big german blog called basicThinking. Now the have tried to use the reputation of the blog to buy links in small blogs. They writes via email to many german blogs looking for a collaboration. If they would write an article about a company or product with a keyword-link in the text they could earn around 40$. But it is based on a „killer-contract„: if they would tell something about the deal they have to pay 5001 Eur as „legal penalty“.

German link-buying blog-network

Sascha_P mentioned the name of the company and the blog but not of the blogs. And this is why Matt Cutt (or his team) wants to get in contact with Sascha_P. Of course they want to know the names.

Matt Cutts tweet: OK to DM me your email address?

Matt Cutts tweet: OK to DM me your email address?

From my point this is a simple trick to create a linkbait. It a little grandma with a blog about puppies cries loud when she gets informations that webmasters buy links – ok. But Sascha_P has a great blog – he earns a lot of money as amazon-affiliate. In my eyes he only wants to promote his blog by killing a competitor.

German blogs discuss seo and google quality

SEO 3.0

SEO 3.0

Actually there is a big discussion in german blogs about this. Some blogs grumble on nasty SEO that contaminates the google search results. Especcially the big newspaper-sites and alpha-blogs are allways happy on revelation-stories. They points out the seo manipulates the google rankings: google-waste results are seo-made.

On the other hand famous seo-blogs laugh at that kind of „tsunami“ . It is a usual method of internet-marketing – as long as google couldn’t solve the problem some seos will buy links. Surely, it’s about a lot of money.

It’s becomes a battle between „bad SEOs vs. good google-results„. Of course this is absolute bull*hit. I do seo and never bought any link. Seo is to get better results, e.g. in terms of onpage-optimization. Naturally the seosphere has some social power. It seems that Sascha_P is the only one who has to swim in his own tsunami.

The discussion is very interesting. It turns more and more in a discussion on the quality of googles results. Let’s see where it goes…

As I read the situation is different in USA. Here it is disallowed by law to show paid links.

Some more links in my german blog-article.

Golden fish - just a simple linkbait

Golden fish - just a simple linkbait

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  1. Sascha Pallenberg

    Du solltest besser auf deutsch bloggen… das liest sich wie ein text von helga feddersen, der 3 mal durch den google translator geknallt wurde ;)

  2. Missfeldt

    @Sascha: hehe, ja, da hab ich einige Defizite. Aber irgendwie muss ich ja mal in die Gänge kommen.
    Meinst Du dass ist noch schlechter als der translator? Vllt sollte ich den besser nehmen. Naja, wird schon werden…
    Btw: habe auch auf deutsch gebloggt :-)

  3. Dennis Farin

    Hey Martin, please never stop your english postings.
    Of course there are some mistakes, but i think it doesen´t matter because everyone can understand what you want to tell us.
    It´s great to see that someone with „non professional english knowledge“ goes to conquer the world. :)
    My english is much more terrible than yours i think and the only thing wich push me up to learn is seeing others doing the same.
    Hey… and nobody is perfect. :)

  4. موقع مسيحي دوت كوم

    Nice one :)

    Thanks for sharing and please keep writing

  5. yuvraj

    Nice post.
    Need to hear more from you soon.


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