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Mother’s Day Google Doodle 2012

Mother's Day Doodle 2012

Mother's Day Doodle 2012

Google wishes Happy Mother’s Day with a lovely Doodle. Two o-childs gives her g-mother a flower-gift. Nice. If you are a man, or without children you fail today. But, of course: you have a mother too. So take your chance a do something good – for the industries :-) As Valentine’s Day a strong campaign came over us. But, be sure: what did your mother would appreciate the most? Present her a power drill – and ask her if you could borrow sometimes…

Here the Mother’s-Day-doodle as a video:

Lovely Mother’s Day Doodle 2012

More about Mothers Day at Wikipedia

If you would like to see the past Mother’s Day doodle – here they are:

(All Mother’s Day doodles 2002 – 2012)


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