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As I wrote here I am ( in real life ) artist. Since 4 years me and my wacom graphic-tablet paint also digital pictures – usually with Adobe Photoshop. In May 2007 I did the first „speedpainting“. This is a video that shows the process of painting as a time-lapsed video. Please visit my youTube-Channel if you like. If not you could find in this article the most successful videos (just in terms of views). In summery around 4.150.000 people view my videos until today. Proud of that :-)

I really like the idee of speedpainting: it focuses not on the picture itself but on the painting process. In the end the picture could be as white as in the beginning – and it could be a great art-work. Here they are:

1. Allosaurus

The most views has the „Allosaurus„, that I paint around a skeleton, actual 820.000 views:

2. Jack Sparrow

On position 2 is my favorite hero „Captain Jack Sparrow“ – 428.000 views:

Here the finale picture : „Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)„. I use it as my avatar on twitter.

3. Mona Lisa

Third position is Leonardo da Vincis „Mona Lisa„. I started her as a chicken. Today around 412.000 views:

4. Albert Einstein

… followed by Genius Albert Einstein„, aktuel 403.000 views:

5. Visual eyeTest

On position 5 is a video that is different from the others. It shows a „Visual eyetest“ – 390.000 views:

6. F1 Crash Speedpainter

This is my favorit artwork-speedpainting – the „F1-Crash Speedpainter„. It shows a painter who has to paint fast for his live. Ads on the car are names of famous artists. Actually 328.000 views:

7. Angela Merkel as Paris Hilton

Position 7 is funny. It shows a photoshop Retouche: „Angela Merkel as Paris Hilton„, until today 238.000 views:

8. Mahatma Gandhi

I love the peacefull power of „Mahatma Gandhi“ – 154.000 views:

9. Nefertiti

On position 9 is a very early speedpainting (I think it was the second one I did). I am not very happy with it, but anyway:  it gets 101.000 views:

10. Marlon Brando as Don Vito

Last but not least one of my favorite actors: Marlon Brando as Godfather Don Vito – 82.000 views:

These are my top-10 videos.

3 more…

One more I would like to show, it’s also funny. „Terminator Sarkozy„:

Also a new one is „Megan Fox as an octopussy„:

And the new one is Wikileaks-founder „Julian Assange„, very interesting person:

If someone wants to know more: I wrote an article some months ago about speedpainting.

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