New +1 button for images

+1 for Google images

+1 for Google images

Today Google started the personalization of the image-search. If you are logged in with your Google-account you can give a +1 for every image in the imagesearch. Just roll over an image: in the popup-window with the larger thumbnail and some other information you will find the new +1 button for images. By clicking you recommend this image for every friend in your GooglePlus-network. They could see it (that means your name) when this image is display in any search.

Here a screenshot of one of my pictures (Cartoon of „Leonardo da Vinci as giraffe“):

+1 button for images (in the google imagesearch)

+1 button for images (in the google imagesearch)

If somebody of my Google-friends have plusoned it appears like this:

PlusOned image in the google imagesearch

PlusOned image in the google imagesearch

The impact of the +1 is unclear. Until today I would say it is only important for my Google-friends. That means: the bigger your social google network the more effect has your plusOne. Perhaps (!?) it might be (!?) a ranking-factor if a picture (or a website) has tons of +1s. But until today I don’t think so…

Would be interesting to see if this has any influence on the universal-search images-onebox.

Here the original post by Google InsideSearch: „The +1 button for Images: See it. Share it.

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  1. Mark

    Wow, Google is putting this button all over the internet but I think Facebook will continue to win the battle vs Google+

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