New Bing image-search starts in Germany

Bing images Germany

Bing images Germany

Just a short news: today Bing launches it’s new image-search also in Germany. The english version is online since mid of december (see: „Bing image-search relaunch – Dec 2010„). Ok, it’s not the full truth: Bing changes the new image search last friday – but today they made it publik via twitter. But anyway: As I said before, in terms of usability the new Bing image-search is quit nice. It could be a little bit faster – and (in Germany) the results could be better. From my point of view Google has indexed much more images. So they have the better choice to find the best results.

As already described the new Bing Image Search offers many great features, but also has a few small drops of vermouth. Here again the changes in brief:

  • Top-Navigation clearer and better to use
  • new „related searches“ (on some keys)
  • three view modes (display options -> large, medium, small)
  • representation in a „table grid“
  • scroll now in the browser (previously in a separate window)
  • Landing page now with large-screen and including an attached source page
  • A „bigger image-layer“ with additional information

This is missing in the new Bing image-search:

  • Link „Find similar images for
  • Link for „More Sizes“

As beautiful as the three viewing options and the scrolling in the browser is – there are some details that could be better:

  • You can not open an image with the right-mouse-click in a new tab.
  • When you click an image and then click the „back-button „, everything will be reloaded. This works better and faster with Google image-search.
  • The „bigger image-layer“ always takes a few milliseconds. That adds up and costs quite a time. The new Bing image search is nice and clear, but in terms of speedness quite ineffective.
Bing image-search relaunch

Bing image-search relaunch

Overall, a beautiful development of Bing image search. Now one thing is missing : a large database. From my point of view (at least in the german results) Google has much more images indexed. And the more images you have to choose in the better would be the result. Bing’s next step should bo to invest into better and faster crawling. (Of course the quality of image-search results are allways an individual taste.)

I think that creative Bing image search developments could motiva Google to improve their image search. The competition of the two large pictures search engine is a good thing for the users.

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