New seo-blog focused on image-search

Seo for images -

Seo for images -

Please let me introduce myself first: my name is Martin Missfeldt. I live in Berlin, Germany. This blog is the english version of my german seo-blog „tagSeoBlog„. The focus is on image-search, specially on Google image search. Besides this main topic I have some experience with optimizing videos, specially on youTube. From time to time I write some funny articles (hope so) about the stupidity of searching or searchers or search optimizers or those who think they are ;-)

Why another SEO-blog?

Perhaps I am wrong but in my eyes only a few people concentrate on Google images search. I don’t know why – images are very important in the search engine result pages (serps). Since Google implements the universal-search there are a lot of opportunities to rank on top positions. But the ranking criterias for images are different from „normal“ SEO. So I hope and think that there will be some interested readers.

Google images - Universal search

Google images - Universal search

My experiences based on about 12 galleries that I control. I learn a lot by trial and error. Meanwhile I am well connected with some other webmasters with big galleries. And I have some clients with really big picture-galleries.

Google gives very rare facts about the image-search. So I have some theories of how Google Image searchs works. But, after all, it were only theories that waits to be falsified.

Of course you can read here about image-search news. This may be about faster indexation of images, changes of the safeSearch-filter-algorithm or news about hotlinking.

About my motivation…

Fine art & painting

Fine art & painting

I am artist. Four years ago I startet a homepage with my art-paintings (see „„). After a while I noticed in my statistiks that some picture are seen more than others. I began to research why – and after a while I did serach engine optimization for images. Two years ago I started my german „tagSeoBlog“ to share my experience and to learn from others. Today I have some clients, but not many: I don’t want to lead a seo-company. I am an artist.

What have I done until now?

Speedpainting of my teacher Georg Baselitz

Speedpainting of my teacher Georg Baselitz

I was born in 1968 in northern germany, between the water. In 1988 I moved to Berlin and began my study of fine Art at the University of Arts. My teacher was the famous german artist Georg Baselitz. In 1994 I graduate as „Master-Student“ (don’t know if there is something similar in english contries).

In 1991 I was involved in a digital projekt that asked about the future role of digital representation of art. In 1996 we found a company the broke down in 2002. My colleagues went to Universities to teach what we have improved the last 12 years. I founded a new company called DUPLICON (only german). Since then I did a lot of amazing projects in different areas. I worked on the „Digital Galerie“ – the information system of the Picture-Gallery in Berlin. On the other hand I realised some animation projects (e.g. „Monuments of Classc Music“ for Deutsche Welle, or „Scoyo“ for Bertelsmann).

And now I work on search engine optimization – but sometimes I will go back to my roots and do my work : painting. Here another speedpainting example of one of the great seos: Rand Fishkin.

More speedpaintings here and here and here ;-) …

Some of my websites

As mentioned the main site is my art-homepage:

Some giraffe cartoons are located here: „The most-famous giraffes in art-history

My Blog about optimization for images and video (incl. galleries) is…

Some more sites are only german:

I also organize a german webmaster project, called „Webmaster-Friday“. Every friday I give a topic and every blogger who likes participate by writing an article:


My second Me

My second Me

Usually I speak german. I learn english at school, but this was 25 years ago. So today my english is bad. But – I will try my very best. And I hope it gets better with the time.

Ok, hope I could give you a picture of mine, my work and this blog. Would be nice if we meet here again :-)

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13 Comments zu "New seo-blog focused on image-search"

  1. Sluter

    Hi Martin,

    good luck to your new blog. I think it will work fine!

    Andie Sluter

  2. Missfeldt

    @Sluter: thanx :-) I hope so.

  3. Christoph

    Good Stuff Martin!

    make sure you switch this WP install
    to English („weiterlesen“ does not entice english readers to read on ;-)


  4. Missfeldt

    @Christoph: good idea ;-) Its a selfmade wp-theme, hope I found everything…

  5. Crystal Reeves

    Found your site on Yahoo today and really liked it.. I bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.

  6. Sabrina Clough

    I really enjoy this reading, thanks for sharing.

  7. zuanseo

    Nice information about search engine, thanks for providing such a nice information here.

  8. John Fegan

    Hey, how are you finding image click through since google rolled out their changes to image search? Some very impressive content though mate!

    Also with regard to your English – it’s no worse than half of my English colleagues!

  9. Gijs

    Hi Martin,

    Great infographic!
    I have some questions:

    How did you test the importance of all the different YouTube ranking signals?!
    And how relevant is this information today?
    What are your sources?
    Can you give some more info about how you tested the sequence of the rankings signals?



  10. Widzialni

    Image optimization is power and as you said I don’t understand why people often ignore it. Good post though and good luck!

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