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Olympics London 2012: Fencing Doodle

Fencing (London 2012) Doodle

Fencing (London 2012) Doodle

Doodle No. 4 of the Olympics-Series presented fencing (July 30th, 2012). Fencing has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement 1896. This year started 105 men and 107 women in 10 events. More about the Fencing competitions at the Olympic Games in London 2012: Here the doodle:

London 2012: Fencing Doodle

London 2012: Fencing Doodle

What I really love is the organic format. It is a nice style that the Google doodlers have designed for this olympic series.

Of course I have animated the scene – here the video:

[Source] For this video I have painted the arena without athletes. It looks like this:

Fencing Doodle without athletes :-)

Fencing Doodle without athletes :-)

The „o“ is the left athlete, and the „l“ is the wappon of the right athlete :-)

Fencing Doodle 2004

At the Olympic Games 2008 Google has not shown a „fencing“-Doodle. But in 2004 there was one:


Fencing-Doodle for Olympics 2004 (Athens)

Fencing-Doodle for Olympics 2004 (Athens)

More about fencing:

More Olympic Doodles

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5 Comments zu "Olympics London 2012: Fencing Doodle"

  1. rtoz

    Hi Martin,
    Your’e video is looking cute.I am wondering how you designed like this with a short perioud.Keep up the good work.

  2. News

    It’s so nice to read your post… Thanks for presenting google doodle Fencing in your own style….

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