Olympics London 2012: Javelin Doodle

Javelin London 2012 (Google Doodle)

Javelin London 2012 (Google Doodle)

[New: London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Video] … Olympic Doodle No. 11 presents „Javelin“ (Aug 6th, 2012). Do you remember the „Opening Ceremony Doodle“? The guy with the javelin on the right? Today is his day. The javelin throw is a track and field athletics. It is a very old olympic discipline. The javelin thrower has only four fingers!? And did you notice the shadow in his face? Nice painting! Throwing events are not just about brute strength but also about technique. The javelin must land on its tip for the throw to be valid. In all throwing events, athletes start with a qualifying round. 1996 Jan Zelezny throws 98.48 Meter – World record untill today.

Here the nice doodle:

London 2012 Javelin (Google Doodle)

London 2012 Javelin (Google Doodle)

Here this guy (Pinoccio?) in the „Opening Ceremony“ Doodle:

Opening Ceremony Doodle (London 2012) incl. Javelin Thrower

Opening Ceremony Doodle (London 2012) incl. Javelin Thrower

It is the first „Javelin Doodle“ in the tradition of olympic doodles.

Did you see the nice shadow in the face of the javelin thrower? Shows that there is light in the stadium – very goog for the visual athmosphere of the picture. And did you notice that he has only four fingers. May be it’s true and the guy is Pinocchio (don’t ask me why!?). But usually the Disney heros have only four fingers…

Javelin Thrower - shados in the face and only four fingers.

Javelin Thrower – shados in the face and only four fingers.

As allways: I made a video combining this information. Please give it a Thumb up if you like :-)

London 2012 JAVELIN – Google Doodle

More about javelin at Olympics 2012 in London.

See you tomorrow …

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