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"How to optimize images for google image search?" and "How to optimize youTube videos?" This blog focuses on how images / videos get indexed faster and how they rank better - and a bit of organic seo. Actuel Google Doodle: December Global Festivities (youtube-Video)

Bing image-search relaunch (Dec 2010)

Bing imageSearch

Bing imageSearch

Three weeks ago Bing has relauncht its search-engine usability (see „Bing’s Fall Update: More Helpful, Local, Social and Mobile„). The following article focuses the changes in Bing’s image search. The new solutions of Bing-images are help- and useful, the only problem is the quality of the results. But the usability concept is – in my eyes – much better than the „new Google image search„. The changes initially are implemented in the english version of Bing image-search. Read on »

Bing imageSearch 3 Comments 3. Januar 2011

Optimizing images for Google-imageSearch – image SEO basics

Optimizing images

Optimizing images

Why are my images not in Googles images search? Why are they ranked so bad? Why took it so long until my images are indexed by Google? This article is exactly about that: how to optimize images for Google Image Search?! It is based on the german version, which I wrote in April 2010. It contains the main and basic tips for images SEO. To keep it simple, the text focuses on the Google image search. But the principles are also useful for other image-search-engines. Read on »

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New seo-blog focused on image-search

Seo for images -

Seo for images -

Please let me introduce myself first: my name is Martin Missfeldt. I live in Berlin, Germany. This blog is the english version of my german seo-blog „tagSeoBlog„. The focus is on image-search, specially on Google image search. Besides this main topic I have some experience with optimizing videos, specially on youTube. From time to time I write some funny articles (hope so) about the stupidity of searching or searchers or search optimizers or those who think they are ;-) Read on »

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Martin Mißfeldt

Author: Martin Missfeldt, Berlin based german artist, about creative image optimization and youTube video-optimization. This is the english version of More

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