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Google honors Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori Google Doodle

Maria Montessori Google Doodle

Google celebrates Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday. If you have children you hopefully know her. Maria Montessori is best known for her philosophy of education. She was also was a physician and educator, a noted humanitarian and devout Catholic. Her educational method is in use today in public and private schools throughout the world. In very short she said: A teacher is not a master, but an observer and companion. Focus on what children want to learn and they will learn. Read on »

Google Doodle Ein Kommentar 30. August 2012

What means Creative Commons? (Infographic)

CreativeCommons Infographic

CreativeCommons Infographic

The Internet is becoming more and more the focal point of our culture. Spreading plays a significantly role – and it is easy: just a simple mouse click. Creatives of all categories and genres (visual arts, music, literature, poetry, photography, etc) present their work on their websites and enrich the web. Of course, all these works are copyrighted. Use or distribution is prohibited by default. But many artists would like to share their work – even if only under certain conditions. [This article is about CreativeCommons – it offers a infographic that explains it.] Read on »

Optimizing images 14 Comments 23. August 2012

Delicious: Julia Child cooks a Doodle

Julia Child Google Doodle

Julia Child Google Doodle

Julia Child was born 100 years ago. Google celebrates the TV-cooking legend with a lovely doodle. Julia Child was an American chef, author, and TV star. She brought the French cuisine on American dishes. Child wrote the very popular cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The Doodle seems to be a kitchen in a TV-Studio. Julia created using the Google letters a delicious menu. After world war II she married and moved with her husband to France. In Paris, she attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and later studied privately with Max Bugnard and other master chefs. This was the beginning of her cooking carrier. Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 14. August 2012

Olympics London 2012: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Doodle)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Doodle 2012

Rhythmic Gymnastics Doodle 2012

Olympic Doodle No. 16 presents „Rhythmic Gymnastics“ (Aug. 11, 2012). Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which individuals or teams of competitors (2 or more people) manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus: rope, clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon and Free (no apparatus). The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), flexibilities, apparatus handling, execution, and artistic effect. Read on »

Google Doodle Comments off 10. August 2012

London 2012 Slalom Canoe – Doodle Game

Slalom Canoe Doodle (London 2012)

Slalom Canoe Doodle (London 2012)

Olympia-Doodle No. 14 presents Slalom Canoe – it’s a Google series during the olympic Games 2012 in London. Until November 2008 this sport is called „Whitewater slalom“. Then the official name changes into „Slalom Canoe“. Again Google offers us an amzing online game (after „Hurdles“ and „Basketball„). You have to navigate through the water channel as fast as possible. In real the athletes have to navigate a decked canoe or kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids. Fast and hard sport, and full of wetness. More about Slalom Canoe: on »

Google Doodle Ein Kommentar 8. August 2012

London 2012 Basketball – Again Amazing Doodle-Game

London 2012 Basketball Doodle

London 2012 Basketball Doodle

One day after the amazing Hurdles-Doodle Google presents again an outstanding Doodle-Game: Basketball. I found it on Google-Newzealand ( The goal is to shot as many baskets as possible – in 24 seconds. To shot you have to press the space-key. It seems to bee easy, but … My hints:  don’t look at the basketball – concentrate on your player. And: you win the game with the 3 pointers (at the end of the game). Good luck! Link to play: Read on »

Google Doodle 5 Comments 7. August 2012

London 2012 Hurdles – Amazing Doodle-Game

London 2012: Hurdles (Game)

London 2012: Hurdles (Game)

[New: London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Video] … London 2012 Hurdles: Today Google shows an amazing interactive olympic doodle. It is a „running-game“. Use the arrow-keys: left and right for running, Up for jumping. My time: 12.7 sec. Tip: use both hands – one for running, the faster the better. And the other hand for jumping. You have to click it when the Hurdler runner is about 2 meter before the hurdle. Try it out. Good luck. Read on »

Google Doodle 4 Comments 6. August 2012

Olympics London 2012: Javelin Doodle

Javelin London 2012 (Google Doodle)

Javelin London 2012 (Google Doodle)

[New: London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Video] … Olympic Doodle No. 11 presents „Javelin“ (Aug 6th, 2012). Do you remember the „Opening Ceremony Doodle“? The guy with the javelin on the right? Today is his day. The javelin throw is a track and field athletics. It is a very old olympic discipline. The javelin thrower has only four fingers!? And did you notice the shadow in his face? Nice painting! Throwing events are not just about brute strength but also about technique. The javelin must land on its tip for the throw to be valid. In all throwing events, athletes start with a qualifying round. 1996 Jan Zelezny throws 98.48 Meter – World record untill today. Read on »

Google Doodle Ein Kommentar 5. August 2012

Olympics London 2012: Pole Vault Doodle

Pole Vault - Olympics Doodle

Pole Vault – Olympics Doodle

Olympic Doodle No. 9 presents „Pole Vault“ (August 4th, 2012). Pole vaulting is a track and field event. A person uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to leap over a bar. This could be very high… The world record is held by Sergey Bubka (UKR), whow jumps 1994 6,14 m. Today the pole usually is made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Pole jumping competitions were known to the ancient Greeks, Cretans and Celts. More about Pole Vault. Read on »

Google Doodle 4 Comments 3. August 2012

London 2012 Hockey – Olympic Doodle

Field Hockey Doodle (London 2012)

Field Hockey Doodle (London 2012)

Olympic Doodle No. 6 presents „Hockey“ (August 1st, 2012). Field hockey is a sport played internationally by both males and females. The game grew from English public schools in the early 19th century. Hockey had been taken to India by British servicemen where it is very popular. Other great teams are Pakistan, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. All games will be played at the Riverbank Arena, London. The womens hockey final is on 10 August. The mens hockey final is on 11 August. Read on »

Google Doodle 3 Comments 31. Juli 2012

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