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First of all: You can withdraw your agreement to the data protection declaration – then the note appears above that this website uses cookies etc. again.

Last updated: May 24, 2018

The following statement gives an overview of what kind of data is collected for what purpose and to what extent this data is made available to third parties. To say it first: the whole thing is extensive – and there is a simple and a complicated part.

I hope I can convince you below that I do not collect any data – and that the companies I rely on to provide this website do not misuse this data either. However, if you are unsure, I am sorry to suggest that you no longer visit this website.

Note: I have tried to formulate the information simply and clearly. For this reason I have dispensed with predefined text modules. Therefore, the following explanations may not be legally correct in detail – the focus is on understanding which data is collected at which point.

Operator of this website

I am responsible for all contents of this website. Here are my contact details:

Owner (and only employee): Martin Mißfeldt
Bernauer road 77
16341 Panetal
Mail: info (at)

Why do I run this website? I am a free artist and graphic artist (click opens my artist homepage) – and have been creating my own websites since 2002, where I primarily use my graphics to explain content. In 2007 I realized that you can earn money with advertising banners. Since then the "business model" has been: I offer advice websites, and thanks to the advertising banners I get so much pure at the end of a month that I can feed myself and my family.

On a few pages I also include so-called affiliate links: Clicking on it takes you to an Amazon product page. If you then buy the product there, I will receive a so-called "advertising cost reimbursement", which is some percent of the net price. This does not make the product itself more expensive.

It is not (and was not) part of my business model to collect or further use user data. This means: I do not collect or store any user data in connection with this website, therefore I cannot pass on any user data. I also do not use any third party data(s) to create and/or use any user profiles. However, I use third party providers that store data. More about this below…

So far the "simple part" …

Personal data: The IP address

Data is particularly sensitive if it can be assigned to a specific person. Sensitive data includes above all your location and the unique address of your device (the so-called IP address) with which you are accessing this website. Therefore, in the foreground of my efforts to protect your data is to prevent your IP address from being transmitted anywhere.

I would like to point out that your IP address is used in many contexts – independent of this website. An overall picture can then be created in which calling up this website is only a small building block. For example, when you use your browser (Google) Chrome, you may transmit your IP address to Google. It is also possible that you send your IP address to an adblocker. With most browser extensions (so-called addons) the IP address can be transmitted. In these contexts, data concerning the use of this website could be transmitted and stored without this website having any influence on it.

Website Deployment

In order for you as a user to be able to view or read this website, it must be made available on the Internet. Like many others, I have a hosting contract with a hosting provider. This website is located on a web space of the internet provider The technical procedure is roughly generalized as follows:

When you visit this website, send a request from your device to There the contents are retrieved and sent back to your device. The following graphic illustrates the process:

This automatically sends data from your device (for example, the IP address so that the website can even be returned to your device and displayed) without my control. This data is stored for a time at in so-called log file files for a legally specified period. These include:

  • Browser type/ version
  • operating system used
  • Referrer URL (the previously visited page, if not blocked)
  • Host name of the accessing computer (IP address)
  • Date and time of the server request

This data can initially be assigned to specific persons. These data are not combined with other data sources and are deleted after a statistical evaluation. No additional data is collected than generally and on other comparable websites.

I have concluded a contract with for order processing and assume that the web hoster behaves correctly as a German company within the GDPR. The data will only be used for purposes provided for by law. Despite all data protection, the state has obliged the web hosters to store this data for a prescribed period of time. The IP address is stored for some time for the detection of abuse, the defense against cyber attacks and for the detection and elimination of malfunctions and subsequently (by shortening) anonymized.

So much for web hosting…


This website also uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer and make it possible to recognize your activity here. In addition to a specific information, a cookie always contains information about its origin and its storage period. This makes it possible, for example, to save the consent to the use of cookies once on this website – otherwise you would have to click away the small window at the top of each page with the data protection notice.

You can manually delete cookies in your browser at any time. Further information on the use of cookies and the deactivation of cookies can be found at

The following notes refer to the cookie topic.

Google Adsense without personalized advertising

As described at the beginning, advertising banners are shown on some subpages of this domain. These are delivered by Google Adsense. Put simply: I provide some banner places for Google – in these containers (by JavaScript call) advertisements are shown, which Google provides.

I have made sure that these ads are played out non-personalized. Google will therefore not analyse your usage behaviour while you are on these pages – and will not show you individually relevant ads. Your IP address is not stored by Google (I have made this setting in my Adsense account).

If you have a Google account, you can also proactively disable personalized advertising regardless of how you use this site. Google offers the following page for this:

Disable JavaScript

Most data is not transferred until JavaScript is activated on the page. This applies to Adsense advertising as well as Google Analytics. It is therefore safest to disable JavaScript completely in your browser. How to do this is described on this page:

You can also use the contents of this page without JavaScript, but not all functions will then be available.


In the context of the GDPR I must inform you which data I collect – and hand over (send) these data to you in machine-readable form on request. However, as I do not collect any data in connection with this website as described above, I cannot provide any data accordingly.

I have no access to the data stored by the web host However, I can, if necessary, have these data handed over – I have concluded an appropriate data processing contract with


If you’ve really read that all this way: Respect! Data protection is an important matter, but for me as webmaster the basic data protection regulation (GDPR) is of course enormously difficult. I assure you that I do not collect any data myself or pass it on to third parties – and I hope that the partners with whom I am forced to cooperate in order to be able to provide this website will also comply with the legal provisions.

I also tried to summarize the hints as simply and plausibly as possible. If you have any questions, please let me know or ask me. Please use the contact options listed at the top of this page.

I hope that you can now concentrate on the content in peace and quiet and with a good feeling.

… Okay, you got it. ✖


Martin Mißfeldt

Author: Martin Missfeldt, Berlin based german artist, about creative image optimization and youTube video-optimization. This is the english version of More

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