The History of SEO (Infographic)

History of SEO

History of SEO

Ok, the following infographic ist not what you might expect from it. It’s not a complex picture full of dates and milestones. It is very reduced :-) The question is: what is the next step of search engine optimization. I suspect seo will die. Not because the people who work in seo will be without work. But the methods they work on changes. Please notice in the following graphic the color of the hats :-)

In the beginning search engine optimization focuses on methods that we call today black hat. Every year some major Google updates defines a new perspective on what a Seo’s work is about. Of course with every update the Seosphäre got crazy and screamed and whined and grumble with Google. But after all they changed their working methods. Of course, Google is the boss – and seo has no lobby.

History of SEO - Major Google Updates and how Seos react

History of SEO – Major Google Updates and how Seos react

This infographic is licensed under CC-BY-SA – Feel free to use and share, but please mention me (Martin Missfeldt) as the autor.

My „vision of future SEO“

Seo changes during the time from „Black-Hat“ to „White-Hat“. Of course SEO reacts on every change. Doorway pages, keyword-spaming, pagerank sculpting – a lot of Seo-methods are dead. Actually Google becomes better and better in finding „unnatural“ link-building strategies. In my eyes it’s a question of time when Google will start to bann link-changing methods. In the end every unatural link-building method will be dead.

But what is it, then?

  • Onpage Optimizing“ – Ok, thats a part of Usability and Coding. Onpage Optimization is not necessarily important fpr search engine.
  • Good Content“ – Bloody hell, this is not a point of Seo – it is for Users. It’s not a work for Tech-Freaks but for content experts.
  • Social Media“ – It is uneffective to reduce a social media strategy on search engine optimization.

If linkbuilding ist dead the „old concept of SEO“ will be dead in my eyes. Perhaps the definition of what Seo is changes – or we call it work on „good and accessible websites“.

Perhaps in some years SEOs are experts in „Linkbaiting-Strategies„. Not more and not less…

Dates by GoogleSeoMoz and Barry Schwartz

Here the german version of the picture.

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