The nice-girls-problem : Twitter-spam and short-term SEO

Twitter spam-girl

Twitter spam-girl

Twitter spam sucks. Unbelievable how clumbsy it is. When I open twitter in the morning I feel happy about 30 new follower. Not only today but nearly everyday. And I wonder why most times nice looking girls follow me… No, of course I do not wonder anymore. Every day a legion of good looking girls with nice private avatar-pictures waits for me in the follower list. And they look at me and say: „Follow me, baby!“ Each one seems to be unique and single. But if you look on their profiles it’s allways the same: the have about 20-50 followers, and they follow about 500 – 800 other people. And: until now they haven’t said anything…

Twitter follower girls

Twitter follower girls

Behind their cute mask it is pure twitter-spam. But obviously there are guys around the world who likes to follow these machines. And of course, if you follow one of these little girl-machines, sometimes she/it will start to talk. She will be cute, and after a while she sends some links. The linked sites sell pharmacy or dating-services or what ever – in on word: spam and maleware.

Delete or not delete?

This is the question. What to do with these nice little spam-maschines? Should I delete them manually, should I tweet them as @spam, or should I do nothing? (Delete means: block them so that they couldn’t follow you anylonger.

The more the better?

The spam programmer use a simple psychological trick. It is nice to have a lot of follower. Many people are proud of many follower. If somebody consider to follow your account he might look on the number of follower. The idea is: the more follower the better the account. But what will search-engines like Google suggest if the crawl your account?

Twitter could be a strong ranking-signal. But how it works is not clear at all. Some days ago Rand Fishkin tweets: „This AM @SmashingMag tweeted our SEO Guide. Now we rank #4 for just „Beginner’s Guide“ #ahthepoweroftweets„. The seomoz-page climbs up on position 4 because a really strong twitter-account postet a link. And of course a lot of people retweeted it. The twitter signals are strong enough to push the linked site on the first result page.

How to become a „strong tweeter“?

I think basically a strong twitter-account needs trust. And trust means: the followed people are clean and human. On the other hand: the follower are also clean and human. It seems to be a lot of work, and it is allways hard to decrease the number of followers. But in long-term everybody should delete/block these spam-follower.

There are more signals for searchengine to decide how influental a twitter-account is. I think it is neccessary to tweet a mixture of

  • single text-Tweets (e.g. „I am at home and drink a lot of beer“)
  • communication (e.g. „Hi @mattcutts my blackhat is covered with snow“)
  • retweets (e.g. „RT @bing Google -8% , bing +2% , thanx for copygate“)
Twitter dead

Twitter dead

I am sure that Google will not analyse the semantic meaning of a tweet. Important is the mixture that shows: the tweeter is humanoid. And if others will retweet it shows: the tweets seems to be good. Trust is allways a long-term issue, so it took a while and some maintenance. The more power- and trustfull people follow one account the more power get the tweets of this account. But if you don’t have a trustfull twitter account it is dead for seo.

Twitter-links are „short-term-signals“

The mentioned seomoz article is actaully on position 12 in the serps (keyword „Beginners guide„). Two days ago I saw it on position 14. In my oppinion this shows that twitter-links have a strong „short-term-impact“. After 24 hours the links loose the power. That means for seo: twitter is very usefully for „short-term-optimization“. If you optimize for „Valentin’s Day“ you should try to spread the link at the evening before valentin’s day. And of course you should have a powerfull twitter account.

Conclusion: block them!

I would recommend to block these spammy girl-machines. Even if they will be deleted after a while. But who knows when or how often the googlebot crawls your follower-page. The risk to loose trust is too big. So every morning I block a list of girls from twitter. Sorry :-)

How to block Twitter spam-follower

How to block Twitter spam-follower

Last point: if you are a good looking girl or woman you should think about this. Perhaps it is better to start your account with another photo ;-)

Btw, here’s my account:!/mssfldt

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3 Comments zu "The nice-girls-problem : Twitter-spam and short-term SEO"

  1. Desert Hedgehog

    Nice article, easy to read, no need to be worry about the English thing.

    It’s not clear whether spam accounts will harm your twitter authority rank or not. I think, Google will simply decrease your follower count by the amount of spam followers.

    Blocking spam followers may cost some time and this is why I simply ignore these cute looking accounts. ;)

  2. Missfeldt

    @desert-Igel ;-) Thanks for the comment. I think ignoring is a risk.

  3. Aakash

    I recently joined twitter and I am facing the same problem,every next day 30 new follower with common profiles…3 tweet 25 followers..

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